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Formula One - 2022 - Rllmuk League is live

T Pot

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4 minutes ago, rafaqat said:

Just imagine both Mercs end up at the front. 

Would you want Hamilton to get his one win in every year he's been in F1 thing or for George to get his first win.

As a big Lewis fan I’d love him to get his record of race win after 300GP’s, continue the stat of yearly win and Hungary wins but even so I’d rather George take his maiden win after a pole.

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I'm not overly bothered about how the race goes but the mere possiblity that the Mercedes might now be able to mix it occasionally with the Red Bull and Ferrari already makes the rest of the season look way more interesting when it was looking like it might peter out a week ago. 


You'd still fancy one of the Ferraris to win tomorrow. 





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15 minutes ago, fragglerock said:

God the build up is so shit now. every time I switch over it seems to be them going to a (long!) add break... or Horners pumping shit into my ear holes.

Like the football I just turn on 5 minutes before the event starts now. 

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Imagine in football if the commentator explained every 10 minutes that the goal keeper was the only person who could handle the ball. Or that the people up front were called striker. 


Why do they feel the need to explain what DRS is or what the coloured bands on the tyres are? Every bloody time they talk about these things. 

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