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Formula One - 2022 - Rllmuk League is live

T Pot

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It could send huge ripples.


Or Danny could go back to Enstone and it ends there.


What if Gasly has a performance clause? :omg: That AT has been shit enough. French superteam. Boom.


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Agent Albon could drive for Alpine so he can report back to Horner on their engine etc too


Then he just needs a Ferrari engine to complete the set

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8 hours ago, mexos said:

Mclaren - Lando / Piastry!

Alpine - Ocon / Gasly!

Alpha T recall Albon alongside Tsu !
Williams / Danny / Logan!

Or… it’s RB that’s nabbed him.


Mclaren - Lando / Ric

Alpine - Ocon / Gasly

Alpha T- Piastri / Tsu 

Williams  - Albon  / Logan S


Signing with RB would be ballsy. Yeah they will need a Perez replacement soon but RB are the young career killers. If he arrives and then Marko decides within 6 races he’s not the next Verstappen he could be fucked and becomes the next Gasly. You are not seen as (potential) hot shit forever.


The Alpine is really not a bad starting point for him imo. Ocon is very beatable and the car isn’t dogshit. The team has absolutely fucked it with the contracts and that announcement mind.

Piastri should in this situation have been a bit more savvy. That tweet has poured petrol on the situation and embarrassed the team big time - potentially burning a bridge in a sport with only 10 teams and he’s not even driven a single race yet. Sending that tweet, and being so blunt doesn’t seem that smart to me. There are better was to do this, even if he’s signed somewhere else.

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At this rate, I wonder if there are any drivers that McLaren aren’t paying in 2023…


They announced Palou, but then Ganassi pointed out that Palou is still contracted to them, so McL would presumably have to buy out that.

There was a rumour of them punting Rosenqvist to their Formula E team to make room for Palou, more paying for one thing and getting another.

Danny Ric is past it and retires or even goes to Alpine, McL would presumably have to buy out that contract too.

Maybe the want to pull in Piastri, who they would have to pay and who has an Alpine contract to buy out for good measure.


Just in case it arises, if I was Alpine, I wouldn’t be going anywhere near a deal including Danny Ric for Piastri.


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2 hours ago, mexos said:

Piastri should in this situation have been a bit more savvy.

After his F2 season, he really deserved to step up into F1. These driver academy deals, whilst required, are a little toxic as sometimes it seems like they are robbing the fans of seeing the best new talent at the highest level.  Then this happens. There was once a time where a young driver would bend over backwards for an F1 drive, now we have one who has probably just created a situation where he may never get one.  No one was too keen to take him on last season, being under Alpine driver academy, I expect that, unless he’s coming with a big pay packet, and heading somewhere like Williams or Haas, (by which point Alpine are looking like the better place for him), no one will want him, for 1 year, knowing there is an Alpine commitment, or option.


Or, is the rumour that the Piastri option expired at the end of July true and Otmar is trying his luck in a desperation more to convince Piastri to step back into the French fold? 

Whatever it is, at least the summer break is going to be a bit entertaining!

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McLaren don’t bother with a young driver program anymore. Piastri’s F3 and F2 drives which costs a few million pounds to run were entirely funded by Alpine because he doesn’t have rich parents to fund him like Lando. McLaren have poached him but with Zak Brown seemingly signing contracts with a lot of young drivers this could get very messy.

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Shit it's all happening!


If it was just the Logan Sargeant announcement WHY make it now, when it's going to be overshadowed by everything else. No, this is clearly something triggered by the  Vet / Fred / Piastri shenanigans. 


Is Danny really going to Williams? :unsure: If he is then who goes to Alpine? Surely it would be Gasly?!


So you'd have:


Williams - Danny / Logan

AT - Albon / Tsu

Alpine - Ocon / Gas

Mclaren - Norris / Piastry


I'd love to see Gasly finally get out of RB and have a decent op at leading a team. But I also want to see Danny get the chance to rehabilitate. 


YIKES... :omg::unsure::omg:





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Of course this could simply be that Alpine placed Piastri at Williams before all this kicked off, the contract agreed was water tight and Williams are digging their heals and holding them to it.


Holy shit. That would make sense with needing to put out a press release today. 





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