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Formula One - 2022 - Rllmuk League is live

T Pot

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I see Giovanazzi is due to replace Mick and KMag at practice sessions at Monza and COTA. 


Hopefully this is simply because he hasn't driven current gen cars, and as he's still listed as a Ferrari reserve (and possible to retain his super licence?  Not sure if it works like that) and not because Ferrari can't let go and want to actually stick him on the grid again..

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I’m starting to wonder if there is a chance…


Mclaren don’t get Piastri, with the CRB finding in Alpine’s favour.


Alpine don’t want Danny back because reasons. 

Piastri digs in his heals and won’t drive for Alpine.


So both teams end up needing a driver. What then?


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I don't know who's got the crack pipe this week at audi/vw/seat/skoda/bentley. There's noise of Bentley heading back to the wec IF they self fund it, plenty of paid seats about to become available in a not quite as fast race series. If Porsche don't sign at least vettel for le mans then they're mad.

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