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Formula One - 2022 - Rllmuk League is live

T Pot

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1 minute ago, Corranga said:

Wet race bingo is going well.

Rain intensified and karting lines already, and we’re about to get 50,000 replays of the start

And crofty talking about mathematical permutations of how max can win. 

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2 minutes ago, mexos said:

So we are burning the 3 hour window now. I really do think that window isn't long enough for a race. Should be 4 hours imo.

They’d need to stop late afternoon race starts to suit European audiences before they do that.  4 hours in some places and it’d be getting dark

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Gasly is FURIOUS after a near miss with a recovery vehicle on a live racetrack with zero visibility.




(SFW, Gasly onboard from F1TV, hasn’t been shown on TV)





This is presumably why we saw him yelling so angrily in the pits once he was out of the car.

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I thought the whole point was that the safety car bundles them all up together and controls the speed. After a race start, it’s surprising they even had time to get that truck out there before the field had past. Utterly crazy, and yet Sky are still bemoaning the bloody advertising board.

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