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Formula One - 2022 - Rllmuk League is live

T Pot

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That DHL ad reminds me, I saw a video talking about the resusable energy sources that Coldplay use for their concerts, one of which is a kinetic dance floor which charges batteries, maybe that's something Red Bull could consider considering all the tantrums we get from Max and Christian

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20 minutes ago, kiroquai said:

Someone was asking me the other day about Danny Ric and if I could recall any other sports person having such a sudden, total and seemingly permanent loss of form.


Only one I could think of was Fernando Torres when he left Liverpool for Chelsea. Anyone got any others?


Dele Alli, ive never seen anyone fall so far - hoped it was temporary but now im not even sure where he is playing :o 

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46 minutes ago, ryodi said:

Expected really.

Why though?


The racing continues, Red Bull will still be doing whatever development work they are doing, all of the RB and FIA staff will still be working to get the best results they can, the FIA race stewards will still penalised Max or Checo if they break the rules in the GP tonight. Where do you draw the line between respectful and disrespectful? They could have not cheated in the first place, or jelly better books. The team are more than just 1 man, regardless of how much he did to get them there.

I’m not sure this shouldn’t have been dragged out as much as it has already, let alone even longer…

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Presumably the likes of Horner and Marko, who all worked with Mateschitz for years, will be attending his funeral. 


I'm all for bashing the FIA when they are in the wrong but pausing talks for a few days is clearly the decent thing to do in this situation. 

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Except Mateschitz death is being used as an excuse for Red Bull to kick the can further along the road, I mean we're already seeing RB fans saying "you can't apply a punishment retrospectively"

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