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Formula One - 2022 - Rllmuk League is live

T Pot

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To be honest. I'd far rather f1 came to more American races if it meant the likes of Saudi Arabia, Russian and China didn't get a race. 

If nothing else it would educate the Americans how marshelling should be done. 

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Just now, Oracle said:

I bet Latifi crashes before lap 5

A caution or a full course yellow?

Will they have to sweep the track?

Will he be on sticker reds?

I bet it’s on a straightaway too.

At least he’ll be able to than the guys at Duracell and all of the guys on the number 6 this weekend. They’ll have given him a great car for his Pirelli tyres and of course all the guys at Rokit Williams Racing with Mercedes Benz AMG did a fantastic job bringing him a place to stick his Alpinestars clad butt.



Am I embracing F1 in the US correctly?

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4 minutes ago, GwiDan said:

Amazing how long commentary mixed up Vettel and Stroll for there 

He also just confused the 2 Haas despite commentating on KMag passing Lando 2 laps back.


He needs moving on…

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