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Formula One - 2022 - Rllmuk League is live

T Pot

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1 minute ago, mexos said:

The drone doesn’t work does it. Nice idea but no.


You can tell they've been warned to stay well away from any of the actual racetrack.  

Could do with being lower and tracking the cars.

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2 minutes ago, Sidewaysbob said:

Are they not allowed to fly it over the cars. 


They had one of these drones at the Pau WTCC and that worked following the cars through the narrow street. 


I'd imagine with open cockpit  cars doing the speed they do it's too dangerous if the drone loses power and goes straight into a drivers helmet. Not sure if the Halo woul protect them though 

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Perez was never stopping again, his mediums were only 6 laps older than Max’s final set, he was running to the end. Red Bull we’re lucky that Russell stopped again so they then stopped Perez again, a team orders race on race 6 is crap.

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1 minute ago, GwiDan said:

Best race I can remember at this circuit I think. 

How much was down to racing and how much to technical faults though?


Verstappen very very lucky thanks to Ferraris power issue. 

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Just now, taurusnipple said:

I hope they favor Perez for the Mexican GP, Max and the team owe him a lot. 


Absolutely no chance of that happening.   They'll be wanting to make sure Max wins the Championship at all costs. They're wanting the next multi WDC driver on their team.

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