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Anyone here an animator? I’m looking to make a simple animation, not really sure where to start. I’m not the best artist but I can draw a bit, and I’ve got a graphics tablet. 

Primarily I’m looking for something very easy, preferably that does as much of the work as possible for me. I’m not looking for anything focused on my drawing 12 unique frames per second, unless there’s very easy options to clone the last frame and alter it. I’ve seen videos that have bone systems, that seems like it would be helpful. I don’t want to work in 3D though, 2D all the way. I’m looking to create something with an anime style as a joke for my son, but might keep using it afterwards.


Obviously free would be best, but I’m happy to pay a bit if it gets me good features. I’d rather pay once though, I’m not looking for another subscription. 

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