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The Legend of Vox Machina - D&D cartoon coming to Amazon Prime 28th Jan 2022

Doctor Shark

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The long-awaited animated series based on Critical Role’s first campaign, the Legend of Vox Machina, is coming to Amazon Prime on the 28th of January. 

The first campaign, which ran from 2015 - 2017, saw the heroes of team Vox Machina take on many foes, from Vampires to dragons and unholy gods. This new show is based on a couple of the arcs from the campaign. 

The decision to turn it into an animated series was made a couple of years ago, when the Critical Role team started a kickstarter for $750k to make a single, 22 minute long animated special set prior to the game campaign. However, the kickstarter had hit $1 million within an hour and went on to make  $11,385,449 with 88,887 backers. When the campaign closed, it was one of the most quickly funded in Kickstarter history, and was the most funded Kickstarter for TV and film projects.

Don’t worry! You don’t need to know anything about Dungeons and Dragons or Critical Role to watch this show - you can come in totally fresh and hopefully enjoy yourself! 

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Season 1 will release on Amazon Prime Video as follows:

Friday, January 28th: Episodes 1-3

Friday, February 4th: Episodes 4-6

Friday, February 11th: Episodes 7-9

Friday, February 18th: Episodes 10-12


Kickstarter backers will get to see the first couple of episodes early, though details are still to be confirmed, and there will be a special one shot on Twitch and YouTube the evening before.. 





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Guest cast announced..


In the final part of our behind-the-scenes documentary series, we're thrilled to introduce you to the extended cast lending their voices to The Legend of Vox Machina!



Previous episodes in the 'Making of' series..


Welcome to the first of our behind-the-scenes video series on the making of The Legend of Vox Machina! Step into the writers room and meet the scribes crafting the story of The Legend of Vox Machina: Brandon Auman, Eugene Son, Ashly Burch, Jennifer Muro, Marc Bernardin, Chris "Doc" Wyatt and Kevin Burke, Daniel Thomsen, Mae Catt, and Meredith Kecskemety as the writer's assistant.



Welcome to the second episode of our behind-the-scenes video series for our upcoming animated series, The Legend of Vox Machina! This video spotlights the creation of the environmental art that takes Exandria from concept to visual reality, all thanks to the incredible artists at Titmouse, which are led by Art Director Arthur Loftis and Supervising Director Sung Jin Ahn



In this third installment of our behind-the-scene series on the production of The Legend of Vox Machina, we are thrilled to introduce Phil Bourassa, our incredible lead character designer, and to show off Vox Machina's final character designs!



In the fourth part of our behind-the-scenes documentary series, the Critical Role cast step into the recording booth to bring new life to Vox Machina with the guidance of The Legend of Vox Machina's voice director, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn! Catch a glimpse of their fantastic collaboration throughout this winding journey!



In the fifth part of our behind-the-scenes documentary series, we're thrilled to introduce you to the musical masterminds working on The Legend of Vox Machina. Meet our incredible composer Neal Acree as well as songwriter Peter Habib, who is working alongside our very own Sam Riegel on Scanlan's ORIGINAL songs!


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Kickstarter backers should have been emailed a code and link to watch the live premiere at 5pm tonight UK (9am PT)

Screenings take place every 3 hours for the next couple of days..

Viewers are advised to join 30-minutes prior to catch some special content from the cast. Live screenings will be followed by a 24-hour VOD starting January 26th at 12pm PT and end on January 27th at 12pm PT.


January 25th
9:30am PT (5:30pm UK)
12:30pm PT (8:30pm UK)
3:30pm PT (11:30pm UK)
6:30pm PT (2:30am UK)
9:30pm PT (5:30am UK)

January 26th
12:30am PT (8:30pm UK)
3:30am PT (11:30pm UK)
6:30am PT (2:30am UK)


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Just seen the opening two episodes and really enjoyed them - once it got past a bumpy first 10 minutes..

The trailer had a bit of a 'trying too hard to be edgy/adult' tone and the first third of ep 1 (which a lot of the trailer is from) heavily leans in on that - especially the bar scene.

I know they're both trying to show the series is not for kids and that the characters were pretty selfish early on, but it goes a bit too much in the 'hey look, we've got swearing/gore/nudity'




Once the characters leave on their mission it picks up dramatically in every sense.. The characters are way more likeable and it feels less forced. The second episode I don't have much other than praise for, was a lot of fun - though this tale won't be as unfamiliar to longtime fans as was implied originally. I'm hoping this is the tone it maintains for the rest of the season though as it felt spot on to the games.


The animation is definitely in the higher tier of made for TV stuff - especially recently.. It's not quite up there with the best of Korra etc, but generally it's very good for an American series. You also can really see where the budget went in the fight sequences and the creature they end up fighting really ends up feeling terrifyingly powerful as a result. 



Lastly there were some lovely little easter eggs for fans - especially in Gilmore's shop and the basement of the house they break into..


C3 Studio lanterns! Crimson weasel! Tusk Love! Troll dick! Conclave rug! 


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