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Microsoft has acquired Activision Blizzard. Woah. .


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4 minutes ago, Isaac said:


You don't spend $70bn to stay multiplatform.

I think you do, theres too much money to be made by not be and basically microsoft don't care how you give them money. The xbox console for the past 2 years has slowly become just a way for you to play microsoft stuff, it's not meant to be the only way anymore.



3 minutes ago, RubberJohnny said:

RIP "Microsoft is going to get out gaming any day now"




Aged just as badly as those "Apple are going to collapse now without Steve Jobs" takes.

At one point around 2013 it was true, Phil Spencer even said they were considering it which is why there was all that talk about it. But they've pushed forward and well look at what they are achiving now.

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Just now, moosegrinder said:

Imagine I put Phil Spencers head on Boddicker and the other guy is Kotick.


FOR FUCKS SAKE I SPENT 5 minutes trying to get a gif to work and then gave up and put a still in instead.

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2 minutes ago, Clipper said:

I don't suppose they can get Hearthstone and WoW on Xbox can they - I would love that :D


EDIT - actual serious question. Activision publish Destiny does that mean they "control" Bungie in any way or is that relationship purely Activision publish Bungie games on a game by gfame basis and Bungie can be published by whoever they want?

Bungie now self-publish after getting out from Activision

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5 minutes ago, LowCostMonkey said:


Doesn't look like it



that's just corporate speak. After the deal closes I imagine he'll be out on his arse within one minute.


Also I would hope once the deal closes that MS are going to clean house there top to bottom as Activision-Blizzard have some pretty rancid abusive parts.

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From a week ago:


Xbox has changed how we do certain things with Activision, following misconduct reports


They weren't kidding about changing things! The stories about Xbox rethinking its relationship with Activision have been around since November, which makes it really weird that they ended up acquiring them. Those statements must have been incredibly carefully worded.

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if I've got the zero's right $70b purchase price and 25m gamepass subscribers amounts to $2,800 per current subscriber, I know the sums aren't that simple and the value has other factors, plus they'll be looking to drive more subs off the back of this of course.


hard to not see sub prices rise though unless they are still in acquiring scale mode, and of course MS do have mountains of cash looking for a use. 

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Just now, JohnC said:

When do these deals start getting big enough for competition authorities to want to have a say and possibly stop it? I mean, this could be that kind of thing, right?

I was just thinking that. I mean, surely Microsoft can't just buy everything?

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A friend just messaged me to tell me but only mentioned Blizzard. So I was all oh you mean they have bought Blizzard from Activision. 


Nope they gone and bought the entire company. Jesus this is a game changer by Microsoft.  


My mind is blown. 

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