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Severance (not the Danny Dyer movie)


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There really was a lot to take in this week.


There is this horrible little niggly feeling in the back of my head that it's going to go the way of Lost and just end up being a load of shit made up as the writers go along, but I'm hoping and praying I'll be wrong because I'm absolutely loving it so far. I'm very intrigued about the final episode, not to mention extremely pissed off that I have a big work event I need to attend next Friday so I'll have to wait to watch it.

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I agree that the waffle looked appalling - squishy on the outside, doughy and cold. Very poor.


Brilliant episode though, the 45m flew by so quickly as it built a real sense of foreboding.


I so hope they stick some sort of landing for this, it feels so far brilliantly conceived and structured. Nothing has quite intrigued and hooked me this much in a long time. 



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I keep repeating myself but this is just brilliant. I never knew I needed


John Turturo painting the shit out of his canvas with Aces of Spades

blasting though the speakers in my life but I'm glad it happened.

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I can’t see how we get anywhere near all the answers we want out of the last episode.


I want more back story on Petey, what happened to him to pull him out.

More back story on Cobel.

Will we see Burt again? 
What’s with the testing floor?

Did the wife actually die? And regardless of the answer, what did they do to get her?

Is Cobel after some kind of similar thing for her mother? Was she working on the inside?

What work do they actually do?


There’s probably a ton more but I’d be surprised if they manage to fit even half of everyone’s questions into one episode.

I just hope they stick the landing, set the next series up while still having a solid conclusion to the series.

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