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Reproduction boxes. Opinions/storage ideas for loose carts.


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I have a mix of loose carts and boxed games for the 8/16 bit systems, with the balance leaning more one way or the other depending on system. For example, I have a lot of gameboy/GBA games cart only. 

As we all know the price of a lot of complete in box games is a bit silly these days. 


Has anyone tried any self made/purchased solutions? I've seen a few options, like GBA games in DS boxes with appropriate covers and also gameboy games in cassette tape cases with covers etc printed (I quite like the look of the latter). 


What are you opinions on such things? Better than having all your loose carts thrown together in a big box or pointless as the only reason to have a box is as a display of the monetary value of your collection? 

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I’ve bought some repro boxes from Etsy for some of my loose Super Famicom games, where repros are available. I put them inside the same acid-free protection boxes I keep my regular boxed games. They look great. Adds to the fun and splendour of having SFC games collection. Wouldn’t work for me with any other games system, I just like seeing those cartridges in that box art so much.

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The best way I’ve seen to store gameboy carts is in trading card folders, like this.



but mine are in a Jack Daniels tin, which isn’t quite as organised.


I don’t have any problems with retro boxes as long as they are not being sold as original..


I’ve been reprinting megadrive covers for years for my collection. The repro megadrive cases from hongkong are terrible though as they are the wrong kind of plastic sleeve, so I just buy cheap sports games for the cases.

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I've started with the audio cassette case method for gameboy games. Got some little storage boxes for cassette cases that hold about 20 and it looks pretty tidy. Far better than a bunch of loose carts strewn in a box anyway. 

Unfortunately I don't know any cheaper way to get tape cases than buying cheap blank tapes so I now also have a bunch of low quality blank tapes with no cases;)

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