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4 minutes ago, V3zna said:

First four episodes were great. The way it was all tied up in the end didn’t really work in a satisfactory way. 



It was the weakest episode and I think it all tied up far too neatly... But there were a couple of great moments. The hug with Casey, Jesus that was powerful.


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I like that all the main characters had an arc, where all got resolved.  That was nice.  But the way it was done?  Yeah questionable


I don't get why he didn't share the idea about the police paperwork taking the drugs out of play in a way getting people off the hook, earlier.


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I enjoyed this plenty for the time it hung around. As everyone's said, it's wrapped up a little too neatly, but it was hard not to have fun with it along the way. 


After trying - and failing - again to find much value in Line of Duty, I'm happy to have been recommended this instead.

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My wife and I watched the third episode of this last night. We're enjoying it, but it's a bit unrelentingly dark. That's not really a criticism, more that it's perhaps not a perfect fit for the sort of entertainment we're looking for at the moment.


We only realised after watching episode three that there's only five in total and were wondering how they're going to bring everything to some sort of satisfying conclusion over the two remaining episodes. Feels like a lot to squeeze in so the comments above about the ending and it all getting resolved are intriguing. Avoiding spoilers for now and hoping for a satisfying conclusion. Perhaps Ray will get a well-deserved slap.

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