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rllmuk Pinball League


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14 minutes ago, strider said:

I can’t. When I click download it takes me to seven different zip files


Oh sorry...


VPX7setup.zip is what you want.  



Note: Pick VPX7setup.zip if you're not sure which one to download, as this is the latest one.
All-in-one (almost) installer (VPX10.7.0, VP9.9.5b, VP9.9PM5(updated Plunger/Accel/Surround MOD)b, VP9.2.1, VP8, VPM3.4, DMDext, FlexDMD, X/UltraDMD, B2S, Core.vbs scripts). Open the zip, run the .exe, enjoy.


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On 07/02/2022 at 20:17, Omizzay said:

The Getaway Tutorial:



There's no greater feeling in pinball than hitting a couple of balls into the supercharger jackpot, watching them race around simultaneously, then hitting the super jackpot right after.  Good luck!

I tend to play these tables in short work breaks of like 10-15mins and thought not having more time in one go will limit me, then you watch that video, I know the dude knows the table ridiculously well but in less than 8minutes he has over 400m on the board 😮

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24 minutes ago, Girth Certificate said:

the game gets a bit pissy if you don't switch gears in a timely fashion :lol: 


Switch Gears!

Switch Gears Now!

Switch Now!



I kept pressing the magna-save button, not realising it was the launch button.

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The Launch button to switch gears. 



Just hit 91m but plenty of improvement there still. I get frustrated and start slamming the flikppers rather than staying controlled. So small break for the night and back at it tomorrow.

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A couple of amazing table options for next week's main table:


Pirates of the Caribbean - Siggi's Mod: https://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/8625-pirates-of-the-caribbean-siggis-mod/

Star Trek The Next Generation - https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=15869

Champions League 2021 - https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=16143


Vote away.  I vote for Pirates.

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7 hours ago, bradigor said:

Got consistent scoring over 150m but just couldn't push on over 200m 


Will get everything updated tomorrow. But shall we go with Pirates? 


@Omizzaycan you share the VPX download link please?

Happy with Pirates.  Link was already mentioned above but here it is again:


Pirates of the Caribbean - Siggi's Mod: https://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/8625-pirates-of-the-caribbean-siggis-mod/ 


Good luck to all.

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Work in progress. but been wanting to set up a community thing for scores and stuff for a while, so this was the perfect excuse. 




Means we can use this to chat, discuss, submit, etc and keep everything neat on that site. This is a great tester before I expand.

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