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4 hours ago, Omizzay said:

Spider-Man VPW table is also epic.  Check that one out too.  But yeah, happy with any of those.


Let's do a double Superhero session and make that the table after Deadpool!

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Also, here are the rules for the table:



• Outlanes: Standard. Left outlane has a “REGENERATION” light that lights solid when the feature is qualified. They contribute “B” and “M” towards completing BOOM.
• Inlanes: Standard. The left inlane is fed to by the left ramp, and the right inlane is fed to by the right ramp. They contribute “O” and “O” towards completing BOOM.
• D-E-A-D Targets: Four targets are located directly above the left inlane area. Completing DEAD will qualify a Battle at the Hellhouse Scoop if one isn’t currently lit, and the targets are also part of the DEADPOOL sequence.
• Dazzler Spinner Target: A sparkly spinner is located in front of the left orbit entrance. Shots to this Spinner during normal play count down towards qualifying Disco modes. The Spinner is also used during various other game modes.
• Left Orbit: An orbit that feeds the BAM! rollover lanes, leading directly to the pop bumpers. During certain modes the gates will be open enabling loops. Shots to the left orbit qualify Dazzler.
• Disco Ball: In the upper left of the game, a disco ball rotates during the Disco modes, providing a neat light show effect.
• Left Ramp: A standard ramp that loops around and feeds the left inlane. On top of the ramp is a plastic cut out of Deadpool on a hammock. Shots to the left ramp collect diamonds towards starting Katanarama Time.
• U-Turn: A tight shot directly to the left of the Hellhouse Scoop, which generally tends to feed to the right of the playfield - typically to the POOL targets, but sometimes directly to the right flipper or even the right outlane sometimes. Shots to the U-Turn qualify Colossus and also count down towards qualifying the Colossal Jackpot. The U-Turn is also where lit Specials are collected. • Colossal Jackpot Target: This target located to the left of the bottom pop bumper can only be made off of a strong shot to the U-Turn. The target collects the Colossal Jackpot when lit after completing enough U-Turn shots.
• Hellhouse Scoop: This scoop is an easy shot from the right flipper, although it can also be made from the left flipper or even a lucky bounce from the pop bumpers. The scoop is arguably the most important shot of the game, as it starts Battles, Quests, collects the Weapon Jackpot, collects Mystery, collects the lit Extra Ball, and gives you tons of other goodies throughout the game.
• Wolverine Spinner Target: This spinner with an image of Wolverine on it is located in front of the inner loop. The spinner is used during various game modes.
• Inner Loop: This orbit directly up the middle sends the ball around to the left flipper, generally at a slower speed than the right orbit. Shots to this orbit qualify Wolverine and also count down towards activating Berserker Rage (after 5 shots initially, then 10 thereafter).
• SNIKT! Target: This is a standup target located a little to the right of the inner loop, with a figure of Wolverine above it. Making a shot to this target from the left flipper can occasionally make the ball ricochet onto the right ramp, collecting anything lit there and increasing the playfield multiplier by +1x for 30 seconds; hitting the target again during the timer will increase it by a few seconds. This combo is VERY important; if you’re not going for these, you’re not playing the game correctly!
• OOF Drop Target Bank: A bank of three drop targets guarding the Lil’ Deadpool toy. These can be made from either flipper but they’re a deadly shot that can easily lead to drains when you least expect it. Use your ball save time to go for these. During certain modes, the drop targets will lower / raise by themselves.
• Lil’ Deadpool: The main toy of the game is a bobble head of Lil’ Deadpool that shakes around when either the target in front of it is hit or you nudge the game. Hitting Lil’ Deadpool enough times will start a Lil’ Deadpool multiball. The color of the light in front of Lil’ Deadpool indicates your progress towards starting a. Color goes from blue to green.
• Cross Shot: This partial orbit has a switch near the top and cuts through the bumpers, but more importantly, leads to the right ramp. This shot can lead to the right ramp more consistently than the SNIKT! target, but you won’t be scoring as much by making it this way. A shot to the switch here counts during certain modes and also collects a flashing diamond or weapon.

• Right Ramp: This ramp can’t be made directly from any of the flippers! It’s at the top left of the playfield, and to make it, you either have to make a strong shot to the cross shot or complete the SNIKT! combo. Many awards are available at this ramp, however; balls for Ninja Multiball are locked here and a shot to the right ramp will award Ninjapocalypse as a combo after making the right orbit.

• Katana Sword: Balls for Ninja Multiball are locked inside a replica of one of Deadpool’s famous katana swords. If the lock isn’t lit, the ball will roll down the sword into the right inlane. • BAM! Top Lanes: Four lanes above the bumpers. Completing all of them increases the bonus multiplier. They also award the skillshot.
• Bumpers: Three pop bumpers located behind Lil’ Deadpool. Hitting the bumpers will spawn ninjas during normal play, shown as blinking blue lights in front of the major shots. Defeat a ninja to collect a ninja star and increase the Ninja Multiball Jackpot value.
• Right Orbit: A fast orbit shot that can only be made from the left flipper. Making the right orbit while the truck light above it is flashing will light Chimichangas at all the major shots, and the shot also qualifies Domino. Making this shot immediately followed by the right ramp awards Ninjapocalypse.
• P-O-O-L Target Bank: This bank of four standup targets is on the lower right of the playfield (in contrast to the D-E-A-D targets). Completing these targets will enable again the lock light.



Skill Shot - toplanes

Plunge into the flashing BAM! lane to score this Skill Shot, worth 2.5 million + 250k for each successful attempt. You can change the flashing lane before the ball is launched, but the lane is locked in before your ball reaches the BAM! lanes.

Super Skill Shot – right ramp

Hold the left flipper and then shoot up the right ramp to collect the Super Skill Shot value, worth 5 million + 500k for each successful attempt.


Battle Modes

Battle modes can be started at the scoop at the start of the game, or after completing the D-E-A- D standup targets. Each battle can be played and continued as many times as you need to defeat your enemy.

There are 7 battles in this game.
At first you have 3 battles to choose from: Juggernaut, Mystique and Sabretooth.
Complete 3 battles to enable the next 3 battles T-Rex, Megalodon and Sauron
Complete all 6 battles to enable the battle with Mr. Sinister. After defeating all them they will come back much stronger than before.

The colored Arrow lights will show you what to hit in each battle.


Hit any 4 D-E-A-D or P-O-O-L standup targets to taunt Juggernaut and hit the main shots for damage. Shots alternate between orbits and ramps. Red lights.


Center Wolverine spinner, then both ramps, then all three shots will remain lit. White lights.


The pop bumpers will deal damage to Sabretooth. During this mode, shots to the left or right orbit will divert into the pop bumpers. Orange lights.


Sauron is a 3-ball multiball. Shoot the left ramp and right ramp two times each for Jackpots, then shoot the U-Turn loop to Colossal Jackpot target for a Super Jackpot. Green lights.


Hit all lit green shots to escape the T-Rex, two green arrows will lit at a time. DarkGreen lights.


Almost every shot is lit in light blue for a small amount of points/Megalodon Jackpot. However, there is one strobing insert that moves around the playfield and flashes red. This shot represents the Megalodon you have to defeat during the mode. The Megalodon Jackpot for restricting the Megalodon can build up rapidly, and can make the mode much more lucrative than simply going for red shots immediately. Light blue lights.


During normal single-ball play, with no Battles running, shooting any shot with a “Team-Up!” icon in front of it will increase that teammate character’s health meter (see the bottom of the DMD). After two shots you will qualify that character’s Team-Up ability. Later you’ll need more hits to qualify the Team-Ups.

Dazzler: Shoot the left orbit to qualify. Dazzler adds more time to your battles & hurry-ups.

Colossus: Shoot the U-turn loop to qualify. Doubles all points during the Battle.

Wolverine: Shoot the center spinner to qualify. Doubles all damage given to the opponent during the Battles.

• Domino: Shoot the right orbit to qualify. Awards increased scoring for certain features that are different for each opponent (targets for Juggernaut, spinner for Mystique, bumpers for Sabretooth).

Finishing a Battle

After defeating an opponent shoot the Hellhouse scoop to finish the battle and collect the battle Jackpot.

Mr. Sinister: The Final Battle

Complete the 6 battles above to qualify. Let’s defeat Mr. Sinister:
Timed 2 ball multiball: 120 seconds. Shoot the 4 Team-up shots to collect jackpots until timer runs out or you defeat Mr Sinister. One light will be lit at a time. Blue arrow lights
Hit Final Shot at the scoop for big points.

The Special will be lit at the u-turn upon completion of this phase.


Lil’ Deadpool Multiball

Remove one or more drop targets from center bank to expose the stand-up. The target area colors will progress from blue to green. Hitting the standup when the large insert is green will physically lock the ball behind the drop target bank.

After locking the ball a new ball is released into the shooter lane and a hurry-up starts. Hit the drop target bank to release the captured ball and lock in the hurry-up value as your jackpot.

When the hurry-up expires, the ball is released for the minimum jackpot value.

Lil’ Deadpool multiball consists of 3 stages:

Stage 1: Collect 5 jackpots at the Lil’ Deadpool target.

Stage 2: Collect 5 double jackpots at the red Arrow lights.

Stage 3: Timed Super Jackpot spinner session (500k/spin). At the end, goes back to Stage 1 with increased scoring by increasing the playfield X
This Multiball:

can be started during normal play or during Battles.

can be stacked during Battles to progress through the current Battle.

can be used to progress toward DEAD/POOL/DEADPOOL awards, and Chimichangas.

The first Lil’ Deadpool Multiball hurryup starts at 500k and counts down to 100k. Each successive multiball increases by 500k, up to 1.500.000

Arrow lights will it amber.


Disco Modes

Spin the left spinner on the left orbit 50 times to light a Disco mode on your next left orbit shot.

Disco Loops

In this mode, both top gates are open, allowing shots to the left or right orbit to return directly to the flippers. This is a timed mode. Shoot as many loops as you can for Disco Jackpots.

Disco Multiball

Spinners increase the value of the SuperJackpot and the left or the right ramp collects it.


Ninja Modes

Fight Ninjas at the pop bumpers. Defeated Ninjas will leave Ninja Stars, shown as blue-purple lights on the playfield. Collect those Stars as these contribute to your bonus at the end of the ball an


To collect 10 Ninja Stars automatically, shoot the right or the Wolverine orbit and immediately combo into the right ramp for a Ninjapocalypse bonus. Ninjapocalypse also awards a value starting at 5 million, increasing by 500k each time the sequence is completed.

Collecting 50 Ninja Stars will also light an extra ball, and collecting 25 will increase the playfield multiplier.


Ninja Multiball

At the start of the game, the lock is lit on the right ramp. Otherwise, complete P-O-O-L standup bank (or through a Mystery award) to light lock via inner-right lane-to-ramp shot. Make right ramp to lock ball. Lock 3 balls to start Ninja MB. During Ninja Multiball, shoot all of the major shots for Jackpots. This will qualify a Super Jackpot at the right ramp, which is 6 times the Ninja Jackpot you’ve collected up to that point (can be valuable with a large multiplier).

Prior to the start of this Multiball, the player can increase their Jackpots by shooting the pop bumpers to spawn Ninjas (shown on the playfield as flashing blue-purple shots). Collecting these stars will increase the Jackpot value that will be awarded in Ninja Multiball.



Various awards are given after certain amounts of weapons are collected, and weapons also contribute to the bonus:

Collect all the 6 weapon lights for a jackpot at the scoop and relit the weapon lights.

30 Weapons: Light Extra Ball

50 Weapons: +1 Playfield X

75 Weapons: Light Mechsuit Multiball


Mechsuit Multiball

4-ball multiball started at the scoop after 75 weapons are collected. This can’t stack with anything else. All shots are lit for a jackpot that starts at 5M and increases by 100K for subsequent jackpots. After collecting all 6 jackpots, a Super Jackpot is lit at the scoop. This Super Jackpot scores 6x the previous Jackpot, and increases the base Jackpot value by 1 million.





Chimichangas are qualified by shooting the right orbit once (increasing by one for each collected chimichanga), this lights up one shot in orange for you to collect. You can also qualify chimichangas by a mystery award. Each collected chimichanga will give you a nice jackpot starting by 500.000 and increasing by 100.000 for each chimichanga collected. Chimichangas are a part of the bonus.


Colossal Jackpot

Making two shots (+2 for each qualification) all the way through the u-turn to the Colossal Jackpot target will qualify the Colossal Jackpot at the same target. This Jackpot is 20% of your current score, and it can be multiplied by any ongoing Playfield X. Note that a ball that randomly hits the Colossal Jackpot target will also score it, it doesn’t have to go all the way through when it’s lit.


Berserker Rage

Timed spinner mode, lit after a certain number of center loop shots (Wolverine spinner). Other features can still be started when this mode is active, and the mode can also start during other features.


Katanarama Time

Collect diamonds via left ramp and inner-right lane. Complete 3 diamonds at both shots to begin Katanarama Time. This is a 30 second timed mode where the left orbit, left ramp, right ramp, and right orbit score a value that starts at 1 million and increases by 250K for each successful shot. If you manage to collect the third diamond at the right ramp while the third lock for Ninja Multiball is lit, both modes will start at the same time for huge scoring. Other features can still be started when this mode is active, and the mode can also start during other features.


Playfield X
Playfield X can range from 2x to 5x. Playfield X can be increased by

-  completing Lil’ Deadpool Multiball,

-  every 50 weapons collected,

-  every 25 Ninja Stars Collected

-  every 10 Chimichangas collected,

-  or by rebounding off the “SNIKT!” standup target up through the right katana ramp.

Playfield X will be reset at each new ball.



Completing D-E-A-D-P-O-O-L will light various awards on completion. The cycle of awards is:

2 completions: Mystery (at the scoop)

3 completions: Regeneration (left outlane ball save)



Mystery is lit at the scoop. Mystery will typically award an “Add-A-Ball” if available during any multiball. Other awards are:

Light Ninja Lock (if one isn’t lit)

Collect X Ninja Stars (1 - 5)

Collect X Weapons (1 - 10)

Small points, 50,000 up to 250,000 Points

Big Points, 500,000 up to 2,500,000 Points

Collect 1 Chimichanga

There are also some “joke” awards that are never selected - e.g. “Deadpool Wuz Here”, “Infinite Balls”, “Rabbit’s Foot”.



Ninja Stars worth 100K each.

Chimichangas are worth 250K each.

Weapons are worth 100K each.

Base bonus is 10. Not “10K”. Ten points absolutely none of the above. Sucks to be you.

. You only score this “base bonus” if you have

Bonus (not multiplier) is automatically held between balls.
Bonus multiplier is increased each time the 4 top BAM! lanes are completed.


BOOM Button

Use flippers to cycle lower inlane inserts to spell B-O-O-M. Completing B-O-O-M will light the lock bar button yellow. Hitting the Lockbar/Fire or the Right Magna Save button when flashing during a battle will hit the opponent with a 4 times force hit. Completing B-O-O-M 4 times without using the button will light the button red for “Big Boom”, which, when not in a battle, pressing boom will score 5 million, otherwise it will score 500k.



Combos don't time out, but they are not available during battles. Combos can be obtained by shooting the ramps and the Wolverine spinner orbit.
Combo’s value starts at 500K for a 2 way combo and it is doubled on each combo.
Shots that count as combos Left Ramp, Right Ramp and the Wolverine orbit.

No limits of the number of combos you can get, first 5x combo, then a super combo and after that super-duper combos.



Use multiballs to finish battles, up to 6 balls at the same time, for greater scoring.

Get as many Team-ups as possible before each battle.

The SNIKT! Target-ramp combo will also collect anything lit at the right ramp, including

Locks, Super Jackpots (during Ninja Multiball), and other awards. Because the Playfield X is

activated as soon as the SNIKT! combo is made, the awards will also be multiplied.

Shoot the blinking lights! THEY’RE RIGHT THERE!

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Tried to get the Pup pack working, cannot for the life of me figure out what I've done wrong but the default directory is wrong and I can't seem to access the config setup, I've lost my normal game score window thingy now too.

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15 hours ago, Omizzay said:

If your computer is decent enough, I highly suggest you download this version of Deadpool with the Pup Pack.  It really adds a lot.




Slight confusion. 


Do you use the 1.07 table from VPF or the 1.6Pup.vpx from VPU that is linked with the 2.0 PuP?

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7 hours ago, Cheeko said:

Tried to get the Pup pack working, cannot for the life of me figure out what I've done wrong but the default directory is wrong and I can't seem to access the config setup, I've lost my normal game score window thingy now too.


Looks like there is something to do with the table you use, but it is unclear. Going to stay with the standard B2S for now. 

Did you get the basic DMD working again? Does it work with other tables or is it broken everywhere?

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8 hours ago, bradigor said:


Slight confusion. 


Do you use the 1.07 table from VPF or the 1.6Pup.vpx from VPU that is linked with the 2.0 PuP?

The 1.6 version from VPU in order to get it to work - I believe the instructions are in the description.  Don't think the pup works with 1.7, but I have both table versions and can't really tell what the difference is.  The Pup pack is pretty great on this one.


Anyways, here's my high score so far though I haven't really gotten that far with the battles at all.  Gonna be a fun week of grinding.







Omizzay (150,319,830)

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I'm so confused, so the Popper is a front end system and the PUPPlayer is the thing that does the extra displays?


I feel like I don't really want popper as it's just another thing to add to everything, but do I have to to get extra media working? Then how do I know if it's seeing the media for the table? I can get Deadpool in the Popper as a game but it can't find the media and I can't really figure out how to point it to the right place, I've saved that pup pack for deadpool in the folder the tutorial guy tells you to use but I can't see anything that looks in that PUPVideos folder, everything in popper seems to point to the POPMedia folder. Should I be seeing something here?




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Ignore the PinUp Popper front end. 


What is important it that you hqave your Visual Pinball and PinUPSystem foilders seperate on the samew drive like so.




Inside PinUPSystem you should have your folders and the PUPVideos is the one you need to worry about. 




Inside there place your extracted folder (jpsdeadpool) and merge with existing folder if you have to. (DO NOT CHNAGE THE NAME)




next, inside jpsdeadpool you need to run the .bat file for your setup. I am guessing 2 screens for you? (I am 2 screens so will use that as an example) OPTION2




A popup will show, let it run and hit any key to continue like it says. 


That should set up the PUP to work (takes an age to start on first boot). 


One more question... when you installed the PinUPPlayer portion did you do the DirectB2S replacement and have you moved all your screens to poition them properly? 


If you are running in Destop (DT) mode then honestly I wouldn't bother with PupPacks, as you need to mess with loads of extra things to get them to stay on top. 


One other note... you CANNOT have a directb2s file running at the same time. If you look below you will see I have a 1.07 table with a directB2S and the 1.6 PUP with none*




*I have 2 as I am not sure I want to keep the PuP version or not yet. 


Edit: HJere is the link to my basic instructions in the Pinball thread...


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First 20 mins with the table.







Omizzay (150,319,830)

bradigor (14,033,840)

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Great explanation @bradigor


Yeah sorry if the pup pack is confusing.  Maybe just avoid it as it's not really necessary to enjoy the table, it just adds to the overall experience IMO.


Pinup Popper is like a frontend for all your tables.  It's not essential but it makes your table collection look a lot better once you have it set up with the right media files (wheels, backglass, apron etc).

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It's been in the back of my mind to sort it out, I have now pretty much got it all working barring refining the layout, but I think I chose the absolute worst table to do it with.

Basically I did a fresh install of VPX and I think last time I was just running it single screen so I think I maybe screwed the blackglass option there. Then found out that Deadpool has no Rom so you can't do the usual options for the DMD. I got the Pup pack stuff all working and had like 6 windows of stuff but still no score :) in the end I used that DMD Extender program to create an extra DMD that I can place where I need it.

Also when setting up you have to watch that Pup player hasn't left processes running in the background as for ages I think it should've just been working but it was being blocked by something that hadn't exited properly.

ANYWAY, the short version is I've wasted far too much time fiddling and not enough playing.

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1 hour ago, Cheeko said:

ANYWAY, the short version is I've wasted far too much time fiddling and not enough playing.


You are in danger of becoming me ;) 

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Not quite sure how this happened but it did. I think I got the super jackpot while concentrating on a multi ball.



MrBen09 (270,068,180)

Omizzay (150,319,830)

bradigor (14,033,840)



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This is going to be a theme of this table I think but yeah, I don’t know how this score is this big, I just kept going for multi balls and got 3 katana ones and I think 3/4 mini Deadpool ones and I had the playfield multiplier on, just shot the shit out of everything. Not even sure if I won any battles.




Cheeko (1,661,921,390)

MrBen09 (270,068,180)

Omizzay (150,319,830)

bradigor (14,033,840)




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I’m building a new controller so just using keyboard at the moment. 

One thing with this table, dunno if anyone else has the left / right / up nudges setup but they work well on this table compared to usual, quite a few times when my ball drains down the outside I can up nudge and if you lift one flipper it’ll just catch the edge of the other and you can get it back into the playfield. But the left right ones really help with avoiding the sides in the first place. 

Neither of which I was able to use on my mega points ball as I had so many damn multiballs going.

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1 hour ago, Parappa said:

What's everyone using as their boom button? I'm on Xbox pad at the moment .


This is my layout, so the BOOM button is my Right Magna Save which I have set to button 6. 


I use the secodary right and left buttons for nudge.




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Cheeko (1,661,921,390)

MrBen09 (624,205,450)

Omizzay (150,319,830) 

bradigor (14,033,840)



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29 minutes ago, Parappa said:

I will have a go at this over the weekend but I think Cheeko has won this one 🤣

Same...it's been a busy week and I've only had the one night on this.  Think we're all trying for second place though.

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To be honest I am already looking forward to next week. Had another play today and just not feeling it. 


Didn't help getting sidetracked by TerryReds FP stuff this week.

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Or we can take a break from superheroes and do heavy hitters like the best of Bally Williams:

- Attack from Mars

- Medieval Madness

-  Monster Bash

- Tales of the Arabian Nights

- Indiana Jones

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