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Radical 8 Games Current Project- Damask


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1 hour ago, michael said:

Oh, I didn't know you can switch stretch goals on the fly, that's good. Hope the final two days kick ass!

You can't, but you can edit them (although that won't change their locked status), so I just edited the pictures and words to swap them

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My copy arrived today. The box was bashed on opposite corners but the game was safe inside as it was well packed with corner protectors. It looks great and I'm looking forward to getting this to the table very soon.

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Managed to get a game tonight - went down well once we all got our head round the rules (some new gamers at the group). Can see it fitting the “we have an hour or so left” game. Thanks @therearerules
 My one gripe is that the central wheel is too loose - the clip to hold it together is much smaller than the punch board hole so I’ll have to either find another clip that fits or do something to stiffen it up a bit as it’s really easy to move when taking cubes or refilling. 

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That's frustrating. The prototype they sent me was fine, but I left the manufacturer in charge of that hole as I didn't have the fastener. I'm still waiting for my copies (big bulk order), but would some bluetack work?

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I ended up putting an off cut from the punch board under the spinning part of the wheel - that’s how loose the fastener is - it’s now working OK but I’ve mildly dinged up the back of the board and it means the wheel is raised up slightly.  

 Thought you should know just in case you get any grumbles from backers. 

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