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So, you know those cards that fuck up the game for everyone else and cause insane amounts of chaos for everyone who decided to sell their souls to play a cursed game of UNO with you? Yeah, those fuckers.

Well, imagine if every card in the game was just those bastards, with no numbers or colours. Oh, and add in some more devilish card effects. That’s UNO All Wild for ya.





Here’s a look at the new ringleaders of Hell:



More details at the link.

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We played this last weekend (think it's the 2020 version). Funny how the family all turn on each other like its the end of days.


My personal favourite is to wait until one player is is close to Uno and then hit them with a "shuffle". Works so much better after I'd already been hit by two +4 picks ups and had a huge deck.


We followed this up with a few calm and relaxed hands of Spot It.Everyone gets over excited, including our 78 year old Dad who's hand was hovering over the pile like his life depended on it.



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