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23 minutes ago, RFT said:

Expanding my collection of '90s Hondas...


Amazing - looks so real.  I'd love to be able to walk around that garage and inspect the cars - open doors (being careful not to bash the other car!), boots and bonnets etc.  

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I had a 1:18 model of it growing up which I loved, it's always been a favourite car of mine. Maybe one day I'll have enough credits to recreate my other models and add an Ecurie Francorchamps, David Piper and works car to the picture.


Would love them to add the berlinetta.

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using other peoples decals...








when he saw me buy the car and pick out the colour, the boy went upstairs and got his Cars die-cast for me to work from.


I took some liberties. 


Also can't change the roof from vinyl...

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Obviously I had to make the Harrods livery now I've finally got it.






Then tried to recreate the late race look.



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