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Xenoblade Chronicles 3


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7 minutes ago, Djx said:

You'd think it would be easy for Nintendo America and Nintendo Europe to do the same. No server crashes and no disappointed fans


The UK (and Europe) Nintendo stores are contracted out to a German distribution company (and previously to the Hut Group) so it's not really fair to compare them both really.


This is a shit show though, I have money waiting for 30 quid of Xenoblade tat!

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I managed to get to the page where I could add it to my basket but I had to sign in, and then it crashed :doh:


No wonder Nintendo are massive when their site crashes because of something as relatively low key as this. People just wanna give them money. 

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I just find the broken levelling system is really ruining the game for me. I can only assumed it was rushed out the door without time to address such a glaring issue.


It’s a huge open world game, but if you explore the wrong places or at the wrong pace, you’ll over-level.


New classes are tied into quests- I’ve been keen to do one of the new class side quests for hours now, but I daren’t, as I’ll just be even more over levelled for the story, so I’ve been stuck with the same ones for a good while. And whilst I’m playing those story levels, I barely get any exp or class points, so I don’t even get any new toys with the classes I do have.


Some missions teleport in new enemies at a certain level- why couldn’t those at least scale with you?


Worst of all, they even built in a work around where you can reduce your level. But wait, you can only access it after you’ve had an inferior experience with your first playthrough. Genius.

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A reply in the Resetera thread 



I made a complaint, they answered their IT department is still trying to sort things out… and to keep trying the link. So it might come back maybe?


So keep trying the link I posted earlier and hope it starts working again. It’s impressive the store has actually managed to make this LE more difficult to order than the N64 controller.

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40 minutes ago, Keyboard Koala said:

Incredibly enough, the link to pre-order the Xenoblade 3 CE is still down. Rest of the site seems up though.


It's on eBay for 6 to 7 times the original price. Fucking scalpers.

Shocking isn’t it. Ok so ultimately it’s just tat but for many of us who collect this stuff it’s becoming a real ball ache. This has to be the worst managed one I’ve seen though. 

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I've barely done any side quests but I'm still over-levelled.  I've hit a couple of big basts that have killed me relatively quickly, but I change my team configuration, usually to introduce 3 healers.. and it usually ends up quite easy.


I'm enjoying the game, I love the world and the characters... I've no idea what's going on yet at this stage (I've just made my way into the castle)...


but yeah, it feels much much easier than either of the previous ones.  There's loads of cool systems that you don't *really* need to use - but I will NEVER tire chain attacks, 

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On 06/08/2022 at 10:06, SuperCapes said:

All this talk makes me want to revisit XC1 and XC2 which I bounced off hard. Always got so hyped but never got into them. 


This on the other hand. GOTY material for me... and I platinumed Elden Ring and Sifu in a handful of sittings... that's how much I loved those beasts too! 




I have failed to complete XC1 despite starting it numerous times on numerous formats. I also bounced off XC2 hard.


What was it about 3 that made it such a joy to play?

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3 hours ago, ryodi said:

My LE has arrived. The box is slightly smaller than the X2 LE and means that the trilogy of LEs don’t match up at all when you put them together, especially Xenoblade 1 with it’s completely pointless vinyl soundtrack. 

1 has a vinyl in it ?!?! Never knew! It's still sealed 😛

This one was not sealed, was your's? Oh... and I got a free value added dent on one of the corners :(

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