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Framed - Wordle for films


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5 hours ago, Darwock said:

Framed #13


I think everyone will be scoring a 2 with that.


Only if you have seen it. Typing in random letters- I've never heard of half of the films in the drop-down list.


But like the rest of you, I got it with Elon Musk's grandfather. 

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1 hour ago, Ry said:

Oh. Right up my street. 


Went with Face Off for the first still. Got it on second. Obviously. 

Face Off was my first guess as well.


I like this, but worry it will be too easy. Still prefer the rllmuk version.

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6 hours ago, Bazjam said:

They really need to make these harder.


Yeah, one problem is that the picture clues aren't arranged in descending order of difficulty. 


In both yesterday's and today's, the first image has a character's back turned, which is an OK way to start. But then every image after that reveals actors' faces.


Ideally it'd start with a shot that could be anything (like a close up of a character's hand), then progress to a set, then an extra's face, then a lead actor's back, then a lead actor's face.

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