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Return to Monkey Island (2022) - Ron Gilbert onboard!


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Aha, started my thread too late! I'll just stick my thoughts here...


Well, I didn't see this coming. Nothing much to go on here, but the announcement suggests a different art style to previous MIs (and quite distinct from Thimbleweed Park's retro stylings).


It's been a good long while since we've had a great MI game, and I'm not entirely sure if this will be a welcome return to some well-loved characters, or if we're at full flogging a(n un)dead horse territory. I guess we'll find out! The fact that Thimbleweed Park was great is a good sign, mind.


(Let's just hope it doesn't expect you to have played anything beyond Curse)

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Now I've calmed down a bit, the fact that the dread skull Murray mentions Ron wouldn't come back unless... does make me wonder if he will do the idea he'd had about where he would have taken it etc. Not to mention that to him, there never was a secret of monkey Island, it's just a macguffin and tbh devolver being involved does give me hope that it would be more likely to be along those lines than a more intentional sequel like they tried to do with 3. 


The thing is, he and dave grossman (I hope they can get Gary Winnick on board again too) really understand the key mechanics behind a good point n click game so much more than the majority of other people that have tried the genre. 


And breathe. 


Bloody great. I am excite.

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