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an adictive flash game


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20000 is the most you can get. 

certain things only evolve if other things have evolved already.  HINT: one of the things can't evolve if one of the other things has evolved too much.

hint - while this is true, some things can change their evolution if this is done. you won't get the max score, but you will see something different

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Oh i wasted hours on this last sunday - I got like 18,000 but gave up in the end because I couldn't be arsed to get the exact order right. I managed to see everything at max level, and all the best events but not combine them perfectly. What's stupid is that you don't know which events are "best". It's fun for a bit but a waste of time trying to get perfect score.

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try to evolve the spinning thingie before you you place the pipe on the screen... that way the clouds coming out of the pipe will blow away and the mountain will turn to a volcano.

or alternatively (if you've gone for an order like me most times):

Don't eveolve the windmill thing until the pipe has blown clouds out over the mountain and then the mountain doesn't evolve into a volcano.

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