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Final Vendetta

Oh Danny Boy

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New scrolling brawler by the guys that brought you Xeno Crisis and Battle Axe. With a soundtrack by Utah Saints! Looking like a mash up of Double dragon, Streets of rage and Final fight. 

So ready for another scrolling fighter.

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Just got this today after seeing it in a Matt McMuscles video and it's ace!


Not quite SOR4 ace, but still really fun. To me, Streets of Rage is clearly the biggest influence. The controls are straight up Streets of Rage 2. Which is no bad thing.


It's challenging too. Not having continues mean you have to play defensively, which goes against my nature; I can't help but just run into each enemy and mash the attack button. I may have to adjust my tactics.


The soundtrack is great, pure SOR early 90s house vibes. 


I'm really having fun with it. So much so, I think I've given myself repetitive strain injury in my thumb. I used to be able to play these kinds of game for hours when I was 14. Not so much any more. :lol:

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