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Are Descent 2nd Edition and Star Wars Imperial Assault still popular?


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I'm looking at shifting my Descent and Imperial Assault editions as they take up too much space and I don't play them.


I have 

Descent 2nd Edition


Mists Of Bilehole (sealed)

Lair Of The Wyrm

Manor Of Ravens

Shadow Of Nerenkhall

Labyrinth Of Ruin

Heirs Of Blood book

Shards Of Everdark (sealed)

Oath of the Outcast

The Trollfens


Imperial Assault


Twin Shadows

The Bespin Gambit

Return To Hoth

Boba Fett


Some scout walker dude


I had grand ambitions of doing big campaigns but life got in the way.

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Descent 2nd Edition went out of print in 2020. Prices have skyrocketed if you look for private sales/ebay. I was looking to maybe grab a extra big box but the prices put me off/I think I have enough really (base game one big box one small one). 


I'm not sure about imperial assault. 


Edit: if you are going UK games expo (in a little over 1 month) the bring n buy might be a way to shift it 

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For Imperial Assault you should be able to sell on for about what you paid for it assuming in good condition.


Would try the FB selling groups over eBay first. I have eBay alerts for it as I'm missing a few figure packs and I have seen some inconsistent final selling prices for boxed expansions with people getting the odd bargain.

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If you haven't then consider joining some of the Facebook boardgame selling groups. You could post what you've got and ask what people think it might be worth. Someone may make you an offer or  give you a guide on pricing.  It is a dangerous place to be for those of us with acquisitive natures but you could look at:

Board Game Trading and Chat UK, Board Game and Roleplaying Buy and Sell UK and EU and Board Games & Roleplaying Games Buy & Sell UK & EU Only.


I'e bought and sold quite a lot across those groups.

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