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Should / could games have a "Previously..." recap option?


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14 hours ago, teddymeow said:

Maybe there could be an option in games like this to let you watch a cutscenes to bring you up to speed. Like in TV shows... "Previously on..."


Could this work?




I'm going to say that Shenmue did this best - whenever you loaded up your save it would automatically open up your notepad and you could flip through the pages to see what you had done and what was next. Unobtrusive. Interactive. Simple.


I'm playing Soul Hackers and this has Digest Movie feature and asks if you want to access when you load up your game - it then gives a menu of shortened cut scenes from every chapter of the game.

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I've played Elden Ring almost every day since release and haven't got a clue what's going on. A recap could be substituted for a Souls Plot For Dummies book. 


Witcher 3 was the game that this hit me the most, with it taking me nearly two years complete. It was extremely difficult finding the motivation to continue after nearly a year break. I'd welcome a recap, so long as it's something you could instigate rather than it be forced onto you. 

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Actually, something that would be useful in certain games would be the option to add notes to things. In Civilisation being able to add a note to a city, saying what you'd decided to build next, or a general one as to what tech you were planning to research etc. I always found if I eft a game of Civ for more than a week I was better off starting a new one than trying to make sense of the old one.

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3 hours ago, Doctor Shark said:

I went back to Red Dead Redemption 2 late last year after I stopped shortly after launch. Arthur was stood in the middle of a field. No idea where or why, what I’d done or where I’d been, what any of the controls were etc. With RDR2 you can actually get basic story and mission recaps in one of the menus, but it wouldn’t have helped with any of that, so I just started again and fell in love with the game all over again. 

Rockstar are bloody terrible at teaching you the mechanics of their games first time around though, let alone if you've left one for ages. 


Here's a control pop up with tiny text in a corner of the screen in the middle of some narrative where I'm meant to be flowing another character as well and if you miss that pop up, fuck you!

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11 hours ago, TehStu said:

I'd like something to run me through the controls again. Yeah you, AC Whatever. It was important enough to make me do a tutorial fight once, and then... nothing, or I'm supposed to refer to a diagram on the pause menu and figure it out myself.


More games should copy what Bayonetta did: put a mini practise mode on the loading screen.


It also let you press the Back/Select button to continue your practise session beyond the loading time - so it could still be used today on systems with fast SSD loading.




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I never needed it because I was playing the thing every day :D but I appreciate Persona 5 having a "Story" submenu on the pause screen, containing a brief multi-page synopsis for each key event that's already happened:





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