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Something interesting to do with chilli?


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My kids have decided that, while they like my chilli, they don't like it with rice. 


I've just made a big pan of it and serves half with baked spuds (and cheese, obviously). 


What I now need is an interesting way to serve the rest. A quick Google reveals Americans can't do much beyond with pasta / hot dog / nachos. 


Anyone got any good ideas for left over chilli?


So far, my best plan is to use it to bake eggs in and then serve it with something robust like cornbread. 

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My absolute favourite with my veggie chilli is actually just having it on toast. It's basically posh beans on toast. I'm not mad-keen on rice anyway so it knocks that into a cocked hat, but I even prefer it to a jacket spud, which surprises me, cos I love a jacket spud.


It's quite nice with cous-cous too (especially if you can find a flavoured-one you like - nothing too pokey because the chilli will do the heavy-lifting - just something to give it an edge).


If your kids don't mind a bit of veg, then pouring it all over some roasted/boiled/steamed cauliflower would work too. Gives a nice fresh, gentle contrast to the gloopy, intenseness of the chilli.

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Wrap it up in 3 or 4 tortillas into a tray and cover in more chilli grate cheese on top and bake in the oven enchilada style.

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Use French bread ends - scoop out the soft bread in the middle and then layer chili and some grated cheese and eat the thing like a monstrous delicious sandwich/ Chili Dog (without the pesky sausage)

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