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Star Wars:The Empire Strikes Back C64 (port from 2600)

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The very first Star Wars game ever released was The Empire Strikes Back.




I played this a lot back in the day and found it reasonably entertaining.




Others were less enthusiastic with Harlan Ellison blasting it in his review.





That same month, rival publication Video Review magazine ran a review of the game written by science fiction author Harlan Ellison. Ellison blasted the game as a "shamelessly exploitative little toy", "the latest icon of the Imbecile Industry", and a "time-wasting enterprise" with "the potential to emerge as the most virulent electronic botulism of all". According to Ellison, the game has "extremely simple-minded parameters" and it "bore[d] [his] ass off"; however, the brunt of Ellison's criticism came from his dissatisfaction with the game's ending. Because the game's two end-conditions are both failure conditions (either all of the player's units are destroyed or the lead enemy reaches the player's base), Ellison suggested that the game cannot be won and is thus "an analogue for the Myth of Sisyphus" providing "one dreadful life-lesson in those of a youthful intelligence who play it. ... You can only waste your life struggling and struggling"


A young Jeff Minter was inspired to write an homage to the game as one of his early C64 works Attack of the Mutant Camels.







The idea for it originated from the Empire Strikes Back videogame, as the AT-ATs looked like camels. }:-)


Anyway years later Megastyle have made a port of the 2600 original and expanded upon it!





40 years later... 
40 years after the Atari and Intellivision games were released, Megastyle is now proud to present to you: The Commodore 64 fan version of the original Parker Brothers game "Empire Strikes Back". We have tried to remake the Atari 2600 version into a Commodore 64 version, but also added our own touch to the game. In this version you have to protect the rebels power generators from the walkers - just like in the original Parker Brothers game. But on a the Commodore 64 you will have to survive 8 levels and face new enemies not seen in the Atari version. We have added cut scenes between each level, and if you are good enough you will reach the end sequence!  


Worth a look, for those who played the old version to death there's loads of new touches. It's not just AT-ATs you'll be facing!



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54 minutes ago, squirtle said:

This looks great. Empire Strikes Back on the 2600 was a great game.

Paid to play this in an electronics shop (possibly Southend?) and it's one of my earliest video game memories. I think I may need to give the C64 version a go!

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