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Brian and Charles


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I keep digging further into this. Apparently it all started like a decade ago during a radio show where the Charles guy was typing into a text to speech type software and having conversations with Earl. Would love to hear an example of one of these shows. It then transitioned into part of a live act, which is when a physical version of Charles was created, I believe. 


Text to speech always cracks me up (sorry Hawkins) but there is an art to making it funnier, by writing certain words where they pitch up/down awkwardly as well as odd seemingly random pauses. If you mix that with throwing in redundant words, the mixture of an intelligent sounding voice talking awkwardly is a comedy goldmine. For me at least.


A good example of this is in the short where charles asks 'Where is my little chair?' ; adding the word 'little' is what makes it so funny.


This project really feels like lightning in a bottle. The acting, writing, costume design, location etc all seems to be so well aligned into one coherent vision. 







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