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What is your favorite game?


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10 hours ago, JoeK said:

Can't do it. I could possibly narrow it down to a handful, but just one game? Nah, too difficult. 









I lied.


It's Half-Life 2. 


It was certainly my favourite game for years, but I'd kind of lost touch with it after the realisation that episode 3 probably wouldn't happen...but further reflection reveals that I don't think it matters anymore. A recent play of it reminds me of just how absolutely wonderful I still find it. I know literally everything about the game - I've gone through it so many times it's untrue, but it still resonates. It still looks great. I think Alyx remains a wonderful character, and Dog is the best.


I feel suitably ashamed that I forgot. 



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I don't know what my favourite game is, but I do know that I'm losing it.


Whereas you, on the other hand, are losing your mind again.


I'm losing my baby, losing my favourite game. :(


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For realsies answer: Iridis Alpha, the C64 Llamasoft game. Because it's nuts that there are five different zones, a mirrored five zones, multiple waves per zone, a surprising variety of enemy behaviours, super-fast gameplay - all of which are juggled with a one-button stick. It's plate-spinning in videogame form - it's insanely ambitious for a simple scrolling shooter and initially feels impenetrable, but when you know what's going on it achieves the "zen" state of play better than most modern shooters.




"But also" answer: Persona 4 Golden. Modern Persona pretty much responded to most of my gripes about JRPG design - scaling lots of small floors in each dungeon allows for a smooth difficulty curve, social links offer a bit of flexibility to what would usually be rigid character relationships, there's an elemental weakness system that actually feels satisfying, the modern-day backdrop is more interesting than faux-medieval - and 4G is the most polished example. More variety than P3, better pacing than P5, but still with most of the modern sensibilities that make it more accessible than P1-2.

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If I had to pick a series it would be Yakuza but Valkyria Chronicles is just the best game. Such a shame the engine was only used in 2 games, I love the presentation from start to finish. 

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