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RMC's The Cave in Stroud


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All the years my dad would drag me to Stroud from Gloucester so I could get bored out of my mind while he got drunk, yet now there's finally something I'd enjoy there and I live three hours away by train, never mind the rest of the journey :(


That does look really cool, though — I may have to take a trip down at some point. 

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Lovely stuff, great to see more pics and to hear it's living up to expectations. Realistically I'll probably never get there but having been a fan of the channel for a while now and it's really pleasing to see what he's achieved in the last few years - from all those alphabetic, community lockdown streams to this!

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3 hours ago, Camel said:

How does visiting this place work? Looks like you need to book but there are no current "open days".

There's a link in the first post to the booking page. You book a morning or an afternoon session. The open days are for RMC's patreons. 

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27 minutes ago, ucci said:

The bald fella who runs this, his voice sounds remarkably familiar to those game review videos years ago with the stencil characters and black outline, but I thought he was an ex pat down in Australia? 

Totally different guys. Neil has a more Hampshire sort of accent.

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