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Summer Game Fest 2022, Tonight 7pm BST. Keep your expectations in check


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3 minutes ago, the_debaser said:

Wonder if they have spent time fixing all the glaring problems with the gameplay as it looks pretty much the same graphically. 


3 minutes ago, Dark Soldier said:

£60 for an upres but they're the best devs cos emotion or summat


Sounds like it's all new AI and stuff, on par with Part 2.

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4 minutes ago, kiroquai said:

Spare a thought for the Silent Hill subreddit, whose hopes shattered like a mirror when Bloober’s new game was revealed and it wasn’t a Silent Hill like it was rumoured to be.

Have you played The Medium? Silent Hill fans should be popping open the champagne.

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Really liking the aesthetic of this real-time-lighting- and partical-heavy, pseudo-CRT pixelart metroidvania. Definitely going to keep an eye on it.


Edit: the game's called Animal Well, in case anyone reads this later and wonders what I'm talking about!

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