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Xbox and Bethesda Showcase 2022 | Showcase and Extended Stream links in 1st post


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1 minute ago, Ry said:


If you have gamepass it isn't. 


So far I think it's fucking worrying. It's my nightmare of what Gamepass could effectively become - you get decent enough stuff with nothing ever being truly memorable. Everything looks fine


But I don't want fine. I want something to blow my balls off.


2 years in, and yes I understand the world's a very different place from what it was, but I really would have expected one of MS's acquisitions to have shown me something mind-blowing by now.


And I haven't.



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6 minutes ago, HarMGM said:

Why is it that the best game revealed so far during this period, The Plucky Squire, comes from a bloody indie developer.


MS has been building Game Pass into a fantastic service and more power to them. They've been investing in offering true backwards compatibility all the way back to their first hardware platform. More power to them.


But after all these years, MS's first party software offering is still in the toilet. It's like they've forgotten how to offer up compelling first party software or they just don't care anymore. Nothing they've shown here instills anything to look forward to that looks unique and offers something only Xbox can.

All the conferences have been a bit shit to be fair. Gaming is a massive business now so people are afraid to take chances with something new. 9 out of every 10 games look the same as they’re made with unreal and most just rip off past successes because of focus groups and the like. 

If studios try anything new, it’s probably going to end up being shit as there are only a few real geniuses in the industry. 

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1 minute ago, SuperFamiTom said:

Can anyone recommend me a good forum where people actually like video games? 😜


Yeah I recommend you try Resetera, that should be more up your street. We are the internet's second cuntiest forum, don't forget.


Also, we do like games.


Just...y'know. Good ones.

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