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Xbox and Bethesda Showcase 2022 | Showcase and Extended Stream links in 1st post


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Just now, BabelRich said:

So because all the man babies cried that Diablo 3 was too colourful we get the brownest game ever made. 


They're still fucking emphasising it's "mature" and brown too, like due to that backlash in 2013 they still have to pander nearly a decade later.


Fuck em, add back the rainbows.

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2 minutes ago, Uzi said:

Immortal fucked the rep for this as everyone in youtube comments right now is spamming P2W


Immortal's a F2P mobile game though. Was always gonna try to force you to pay to win / excel. I doubt IV's gonna go down the same path.

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Just now, Harrisown said:

Quite fancy some Diablo 4. I’m not paying for it though, not with this new era of everything is free.

 By the time it launches it may be on game pass - actiblizz takeover depending :)

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Just now, Garwoofoo said:

Sea of Thieves has got more personality than everything else they’ve shown, put together. And it’s not fucking grey and brown. 


The problem is they've done amazing things to support Sea of Thieves since launch, it's all amazing, BUT IT ALL SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE FROM DAY ONE.



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