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Xbox and Bethesda Showcase 2022 | Showcase and Extended Stream links in 1st post


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3 minutes ago, Simmy said:

I bounced off Forza Horizon 5 pretty hard I must say. Loved 3 & 4.

Kind of the same for me - I only got my X last summer after missing a generation, so played 4 to death right up until 5 came out. More of exactly the same straight after the last one was too much.

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This has been rubbish so far. There has been nothing that makes me think I should upgrade from my Series S. 


Microsoft might have spent shit loads but they’ve got nothing that compares to a proper Sony Exclusive in terms of quality of production. 

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1 minute ago, Benny said:

I did not expect to see a pine cone vagina today.


You're clearly not looking in the right places.

Fucking see them all the bloody time down my way.


Awful, frightening things.

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