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Xbox and Bethesda Showcase 2022 | Showcase and Extended Stream links in 1st post


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Forza and Starfield look great but there really isn’t anything until 2023.


and I can’t believe we didn’t get Goldeneye after the leaks.


think I could safely pack the series x away until next year 

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1 minute ago, Azrael said:

Would trade all that we saw today for Goldeneye 


Having already played the remaster that leaked some time ago...


Nostalgia is strong.

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1 minute ago, RubberJohnny said:

So by omission, don't expect anything from Halo Infinite in the next year, not them finishing the game or adding DLC.

Season 3 was on the big 2022 info graphic thing Phil showed. 

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So, should we all just agree Covid (it'll do as an excuse and has some validity) has royally f@cked the industry for a few years and move on?! 


Man, that was so uninspiring. Sad feels. :(

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I’m in for the 1,000 planets* and being able to land anywhere**. Roll on early 2023***.



* 100 each of 10 variants.

** Nothing to see or do bar mining and scanning, lift off again and head to one of the only two space ports on the planet.

*** 12/12/24

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I really didn’t expect that Starfield footage to set off so many alarm bells but fuck. 

The ‘hundreds of planets’ thing sounds good for a second but then you realise there’s no way to do that which isn’t procedural, which completely undercuts Bethesda’s main expertise of world building. 

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