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Football thread 2022/23


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After a one day off season (assuming 2021/22 ended after the round of Nations League matches  on Tuesday 14th) it’s new fixture day today! 

EFL Championship opening round: Friday 29th July - Monday 1st August


Friday 29th July

Huddersfield Town vs Burnley

Saturday 30th July

Blackburn Rovers vs Queens Park Rangers
Blackpool vs Reading
Cardiff City vs Norwich City
Hull City vs Bristol City
Luton Town vs Birmingham City
Millwall vs Stoke City
Rotherham United vs Swansea City
Wigan Athletic vs Preston North End
Middlesbrough vs West Bromwich Albion

Sunday 31st July 

Sunderland vs Coventry City

Monday 1st August

Watford vs Sheffield United


Premier League opening round: Friday 5th - Sunday 7th August -

Friday 5th:

Crystal Palace v Arsenal

Saturday 6th

Bournemouth v Aston Villa

Everton v Chelsea

Fulham v Liverpool

Leeds United v Wolverhampton

Leicester City v Brentford

Newcastle United v Nottingham Forest

Tottenham Hotspur v Southampton

Sunday 7th

Manchester United v Brighton

West Ham United v Manchester City


2022 World Cup in Qatar: November 21st - December 18th. 

Premier League breaks after weekend of  November 12th-13th and resumes on Boxing Day, December 26th.

FA Cup third round: Weekend surrounding Saturday January 7th 2023.


League Cup final: Sunday February 26th 2023, Wembley Stadium, London.


Europa League final: Wednesday May 31st 2023,  Puskas Arena, Budapest. 

Qualified for tournament Arsenal, Manchester United, Hearts (sco)


FA Cup final:  Saturday June 3rd, Wembley Stadium, London. 

Europa Conference final: Wednesday June 7th 2023, Sinobo Stadium, Prague. 

Qualified for tournament: West Ham, Dundee (sco), Motherwell (sco)


Champions League final: Saturday June 10th 2023, Ataturk Olympic Stadium, Istanbul. 

Qualified for tournament:  Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Spurs, Celtic (sco), Rangers (sco)



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Liverpool away to Fulham. About as picturesque an away trip as it’s possible to get in August. Unless it rains.


Bring on further kit reveals, spending an afternoon taking longer to decide a fantasy team name than the team itself and that magic hour before kick-off when the pitch looks emerald green and a season of possibilities lies ahead (finishing second to Man City by a point, probably)


If anyone is interested in a predictions comp I’ll set up a separate thread. Will broaden it out a bit beyond just the Premier League, but category suggestions also welcome. Guess it’ll be for fun and bragging rights and there’s no greater currency than that.

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Those "fixture difficulty" things are so weird.  Do they ever seem to account for form?  Arsenal were shit during the first and last month of 2021/22 and very good for most of the middle of it. Newcastle were shit until they spent £100m in January then were one of the best teams in the country after.  There are loads of examples of this, players injured/tired/suspended, changes in manager and so on.  We haven't even had a full transfer window yet, do West Ham get downgraded if somebody manages to sign Declan Rice?  Do Palace get upgraded if they figure out how to replace Conor Gallagher?

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And there's always a team or three that starts unexpectedly badly before eventually sorting it out, while one of the favourites for relegation at least flatters to deceive with a fast start.

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It's totally clear how biased it is - not only has the fixture computer determined that %MYCLUB% has to play 19 consecutive league games against Premier League opposition in a row, but then once we have done that, we have to do it all over again.

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I understand why they might attempt to implement that sort of policy for a sports-only publication, however naively. But these are the same guidelines that the NYT in general must adhere to? How does that work? They, say, report on the latest Handmaid's Tale developments in the US but don't mention the party that's solely responsible?

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4 games in September then 7 in October and just the 3 in November before the close down. 


7 crammed into October as of course, we've got to have another International break in September as God forbid there aren't more Internationals in a season where they've got to stop playing domestic football for weeks and weeks in the middle of the season.

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1 hour ago, Fry Crayola said:

All to accomodate a tournament in a country nobody wants it to be in, at a time nobody wants it to be played at, at a human cost nobody should ever have to pay.


Which is why I'm proud my country decided to boycott that shitshow. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿😎

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Kalvin Phillips off to Manchester City for £45m.  Seems like a steal for such a good player. I know he has fitness issues, but Manchester City can totally carry that given their squad.    Feels like Leeds have had their pants pulled down a bit though. 

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2 hours ago, Adrock said:

You think he is that good? I don't see it personally, will he end up being another Delph?

He’s been excellent for England except for that Hungary game.  I know Pep and Bielsa go back years and years so I’d imagine there’s been a ton of behind the scenes talk too.  I figure he’s a supremely high quality squad guy. Man City tend to just rest players when they get tired so they tend to end up with a lot of guys on 2000 minutes in the Premier League (other clubs see players doing 2500-3000) so they just avoid having players in the fabled “red zone”.  With five subs I expect the biggest clubs with the deepest squads to rotate even more and being able to bring in players of the ability of Kalvin Phillips is why Manchester City will get 90+ points again.  It’s a great signing. 

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10 hours ago, Gabe said:

I think Rooney has handled himself very well and nobody can really begrudge him walking.


Well he said he was staying, so we can if we want. I don't, though.


I'll just be happy that we continue to exist.

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56 minutes ago, Timmo said:


Well he said he was staying, so we can if we want. I don't, though.


I'll just be happy that we continue to exist.

Was that after the latest bid fell through though? I know he said before he was staying but it was contingent on the Kirchner deal being finalised. 

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Regarding Phillips going to Man City, it's a shame. He won't play. Like Delph and Rodwell before him, and Stones and Carson in the current squad, he's there to ensure that City meet the quotas for home-grown players.  Guardiola will go on about him being the most important guy in the squad in an interview at some point in the season, but he will make less than five starts.

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