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Football thread 2022/23


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2 hours ago, Loik V credern said:

Pundits are keen on the idea of Leicester being relegated. Rodgers to Newcastle, but Newcastle are 4th best PL team in 2022 so I can't imagine them dropping so much that Howe is sacked. Leicester seem to have the worst defense in the league and concede with ease and that was with Schmeichel's shot stopping ability. No Europe, not losing Tielemans to Arsenal and/or Maddison to Spurs, can people really imagine that Leicester under Rodgers being relegated? 

Which pundits? I haven’t heard a single pundit on any of the football podcasts I listen to or in writing suggest that. 

Leicester were 8th last year, when at least 5/6 of our starting 11 were out for half the season (Ndidi, Vardy, Justin, Fofana, Pereira, Evans). Maddison, and Barnes missed a fair few too. Just been announced that Pereira has ruptured his Achilles and could need out for 6 months, after having his leg broken by Liverpool’s Sonny Morton last December. 

Howe has just signed a new long-term deal at Newcastle, so think it’s unlikely Rodgers will go there. There may well be a parting of the ways this year with Leicester though. 

I’d imagine we’ll lose Fofana or Maddison in the next few weeks. So our starting XI would be:-


Ward, Justin, Evans. Soyuncu/Fofana, Castagne, Ndidi, Dewsbury-Hall, Barnes, Tielemans, Albrighton/Perez/Maddison, Vardy


And that’s without buying anyone with whatever transfer money we receive. Don’t want to tempt fate at all but our wider squad is better than at least 10 teams. 


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3 minutes ago, skadupuk said:

Back to Selhurst, opening day of the (EPL) season, on TV against a team that on their day tends to batter us.


What could go wrong...



palace nick an early one?


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20 minutes ago, SeanR said:

palace nick an early one?



Noooo, early goals are a curse.


A late goal off a centre half's arse in the 90th minute after defending constantly for 89 minutes is the answer.

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2 hours ago, Shoes said:

Can anyone point me in the direction of a football streaming service?

I'm interested in this too. Have used reddit soccer streams for the past couple of seasons but would happily pay a little bit for a proper reliable service for watching all games.

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1 hour ago, ryodi said:

The new Sky scorecard is rubbish. 

seriously though. I’m 9ft from a 40” telly




that’s how big it if I hold this phone at my normal position 

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