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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion


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44 minutes ago, carlospie said:

Anyone got this? I'm so tempted

Yep! I've not had a chance to actually play the thing yet though. :(


I'm quite looking forward to playing it on the Steam Deck for the full PSP style experience, only with human compatible controls this time.

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On 06/12/2022 at 19:15, Broker said:

Crisis Core was treated really unfairly by its original reviews, it’s a really good game. It’s got a good story and has that beautiful JRPG weirdness without being too confusing and a nice deep story without being too slow. Builds its protagonist up really nicely, and a great payoff at the end. 


That ending made me genuinely well up.

And then it "started". :wub:

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Anyone who likes Final Fantasy VII (any version) should look at picking this up.


I have such, such fond memories of the original.  I basically bought a PSP for it.  It won’t disappoint!


I will be getting it on PC I think :)  Or Xbox? Gah, decisions decisions…

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I have it for steam deck. I was going to get the ps5 version but somehow playing it handheld felt the better option given I last played it on psp. The deck controls aren’t  great through because of the positioning of the face buttons and the proximity to the shoulder buttons ( and you use the shoulder buttons a lot). It’s a bit cramped. I guess I can remap things though.


edit : you can remap l & r shoulder to l & r trigger in game . Much better . 

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6 minutes ago, bumgut said:

How does this play as an action game? 


Too simple?  Is it just button mashing then press the 'big powerful spell' button?


The combat is somewhere around the FFVII Remake / FFXV style rather than a traditional turn based affair, if that helps.

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9 minutes ago, bumgut said:

Ah the FF7 remake style. 


I still didn't get along with it, I still wanted it to play like an action game. 

It is much more like an action game, because there's no ATB stuff, but the controls have been adapted to fit with the feel of Remake.


A lot of battles come down to simple dodge-attack patterns, but you also need to use materia attacks and spells to take advantage of enemy weaknesses. You can equip up to six at a time and trigger them quickly by holding L1 then pressing whichever button you've assigned the materia to.


Still though, it gets repetitive. But at least it's slick. 

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I only played an hour, they made a lot of changes to the actual combat system such that it doesn't really resemble the one from before. Which is a good thing. But you appear to be fighting the exact same enemies, who are dumb as shit. So the improvements appear a bit shoehorned, that said it is an improved version of the game.


I just find it a little hard to keep on though, the mid-noughts cringe and Linkin Park amvs keep flashing back to me. I wonder if we will get a similar treatment for Dirge of Cerberus now that those characters are in Intergrade?

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3 hours ago, TomatoConvenienceStore said:


I really didn't even know it was out yet!

When was the release date lol

Two days ago I think. :D


I managed to play through the intro mission yesterday. It feels more like a remastered PSP game than I expected, but it was good fun. I'm definitely going to play the rest on the Deck though, as it really does feel like a handheld game right down to the oversized subtitles.

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I'm stuck on the boss right after you leave the fortress. None of my magic works at all even though the meters are all full. Is the game broken or is this supposed to be like this as there is absolutely zero explaination for it in the game.

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29 minutes ago, carlospie said:

Why are the character models so god damn ugly. At least put some effort into your cheap cash in. Refunded and il play the psp version in 4k instead. 


I imagine it will be to do with using old animation data, and making it run on the Switch. 


They have many up to date models from Remake to use yet they don't seem too.


For me, I am more curious what is in this that will be used in Rebirth. I imagine many of the enemies in this will make an appearance in Rebirth especially. 


Regardless I am having fun with it. 


The music @Alan Stockis fine but not brilliant. 

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