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Nintendo Direct mini - partner showcase 28.06.2022 (2PM BST)

Keyboard Koala

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⁹Games on the video ;

Monster hunter Rise sunbreak

Nier automata the end of yorha edition

Lorelei and the laser eyes

Super bomberman r2

Megaman battle network legacy edition

Pac man world re pac


Return to monkey Island

Mario + rabbids sparks of hope

Little noah scion of paradise


Rpg time the legend of wright

Sonic frontiers

Disney dreamlight Valley

Live a live

Doraemon story of seasons 

Minecraft legends

Dragon quest treasures

Fire emblem warriors three hopes

No man's sky

A plage tale requiem cloud version

Captain velvet meteor the jump+ dimensions

Portal companion collection 





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23 minutes ago, Benny said:

The great thing about it being a video rather than a livestream is I can skip past all the Monster Hunter bollocks and look for the Treasure announcement...



Fuck's sake.


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Ain't no one got time to play through six entire Megaman Battle Network games. Give us Tron Bonne 2, you cowards.


Edit: I see Resetera already has a three page thread of megaton reaction gifs because of course it does. :lol:

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Interested. Looks quite unique. But if it's co-op only I'm out


Return to monkey Island
Really excited for this and it looks lovely. Although it also looks a little "flash game" in style (really just the very clean lines and same sort of layered movement).


Mario + Rabbids - Spark of Hope
I'm in. Looks basic graphically in a few places but that doesn't really matter to me. Excited for more info tomorrow.


Maybe. Need to see a bit more.


RPG Time the Legend of Wright
This looks really interesting to me. Something a bit different in both graphics and gameplay hopefully.

Sonic Frontiers
Too much action for my liking and looks bland. Remove the Sonic model and you have any of these third person action games I think.


Disney dreamlight Valley
Nope. Someone saw Stardew and Animal Crossing and decided slapping Disney on it would be great.


Doraemon story of seasons : Friends of the great kingdon
Well the name is fucking stupid. Another Stardew + Animal Crossing blend.


Minecraft legends
Looks promising. Definitely going to try it out. But playing on XBox/PC because Game Pass


No Man's Sky
Not convinced that footage was from the Switch version. But be impressed if it is


Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimension
Looks turn based which is always a turn on for me.


Love this so much. But not replaying it. Once you've solved it once I'm not sure there's enough reason to replay it again now.


More Stardew + Animal Crossing stuff plus a bigger story by the look of it. The blend of "save the village" but also "harvest some wheat" seems odd to me.

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