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Games with Gold for July 2022

Mr Do 71

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That's a pity. It was also what I looked forward to as they are usually yours to own (other than Armed and dangerous for og xbox for some reason) . I had a PS3 back in the day but now have a good collection of 360 games.

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Cut and paste press releases are the name of the game more than ever.


Journalists are sometimes set crazy targets for page views, and many hired are on dismal wages fresh out of uni. 


See titles from Reach group; The Mirror, Express, the live titles (SussexLive, KentLive etc) and MyLondon and Liverpool Echo.


All owned by the same group. Top brass raking it in. Clickbait drivel the norm. Same at many games sites as well as across the net.

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54 minutes ago, Girth Certificate said:


I love how videogame news sites will just repeat a statement like that rather than asking what the fuck it means :lol:


It's 99% likely this:

1 hour ago, Paulando said:

they’ve given away all of the BC games that publishers are willing to have on the service?

Publishers have to be willing AND said game needs to be BC on Series consoles. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that's a relatively small and finite number of games. I already wondered a while back when they were going to reach that limit.

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People have talked for a long time about how they've been scraping the bottom of the barrel with the 360 games included with GWG. So I've been wondering: what if they start repeating 360 games that were previously offered in the first couple of years after GWG launched? After all, there must be a lot of people who missed those as they only joined Xbox Live Gold in the last few years.


But for Microsoft, it all comes down to retaining/attracting the most subscribers, while losing as few as possible. And given the options between:


1) Keeping it at 4 games per month, but with 1 or 2 repeated 360/original Xbox games.


2) Keeping it at 4 games per month, all of them Xbox One/Series games.


3) Dropping it to 2 or 3 games per month, all of them Xbox One/Series games.


... It's pretty clear which option is most likely to keep people subscribed, and which will make a Gold subscription seem like worse value for money.

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