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Women's EURO 2022


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Amazing, absolutely amazing.


That Spain game was massive, a goal down against a team that was passing them off the pitch a bit, but they didn't give up and have just gone from strength to strength.


Amazing. What a tournament all-around, what an advert for football and I really, really hope the women's game gets a massive boost in terms of new girls wanting to get involved at a young age, a lot more commercial exposure - ideally on terrestrial channels to keep the popularity up - and just outright respect.



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17 minutes ago, englishbob said:

Congratulations ladies, brilliant stuff.


I loved the last 10 minutes of game management at that corner flag.


Finally a response to the anyone-but-England crowd of tosspots 

That end of game management/running out the clock was tremendously done.


And to be fair to William - he does seem to genuinely give a shit.


Its great and very weird watching the celebrations by the players on the pitch as they’ve more than matched the England men for battling and effort and moments in major tournament semi finals and finals except it’s finished on a high instead of soul crushing defeat.

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16 minutes ago, Stopharage said:



Id hope we wouldn’t subject these fine Lionesses to the abject horror of the upcoming World Cup we should all be boycotting, bin the mens one off and lets just look forward to the womens World Cup.


What a night, proper shit day turned around and incredible feel good factor - bravo!

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21 minutes ago, feltmonkey said:

One thing we should all remember is that the foundations for this win were laid by Phil Neville.  What he bought to the job (cosplaying Gareth Southgate and having no fucking clue) cannot be overstated.  This is his trophy. 


For a brief moment you had me.

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