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Women's EURO 2022


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44 minutes ago, Shimmyhill said:

Technically it was an illegal booking last night as the rule states he/his….


Yes, I thought that was some pretty glaring language too. I had to double check that I'd clicked on the right link because Google also gave a load of results for rules from previous years but no, they really are sticking with phrasing from somewhere around the 1990s.

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At least one interesting article emerged from the bra coverage:




I do see lots of women out running etc. that clearly aren't aware of the benefits of a proper sports bra so perhaps another side effect of this win will be raising some more awareness of that.

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I'll be honest - I've often wondered (and not in a "leery" kind of way") whether these sports women wear proper sports bras?  How do they get those sourced?  Do they protect them from things like falls?


I think there was one article in The Guardian about someone who invented the sports bra or something, quite interesting.

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Purely anecdotal, based on a conversation with my better half, but a lot of women don't have proper fitting bras, let alone sports bras. It's not something I'd even thought about, but the process of getting measured isn't always readily available, and there can be an expense involved just getting something that is comfortable.

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