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Been playing a bit of Descent II via DOSBox Pure through Retroarch. The GoG version has the files required, and you can rout in Roland MT-32 soundfonts into DOSBox Pure to really beef up that General MIDI. (I personally had an AWE 32 at the time, but the Roland soundfonts are actually quite close instrumentally and of course it's just generally better). I don't particularly like the Redbook audio, and the MIDI soundtrack is more nostalgic as it was what was in the original shareware sized demo.


Anyway, it's an absolute blast. I think it's actually best played with Mouse and Keyboard and WASD rather than a flightstick. But of course a gamepad works well enough when configured for all the controls. But mouse and keyboard was how I played it back in the day and slipping into it again was really easy. I'm pretty sure it was the first ever game where I used WASD, before I realised it was how you should play Quake.


Just a gloriously fun time to play even today


I might have to check out the Rebirth Source port now:



Though to be honest I think I prefer my 90s textures RAW.

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I'm playing Forgive Me Father from the Boomer Shooter Humble Bundle and... it's ok. It does that thing of retaining your health you had in the previous level and not filling it so there's a good chance you've totally fucked your run and have to start again. It's almost like it wants to be a rogue-like without any of the rogue-like qualities. Like once you've gone through a door into the next room it shuts behind you, so if you missed a secret you have to start from the beginning. Also the voice acting is fucking atrocious so that got turned off sharpish.

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Yeah, just bought Turbo Overkill after seeing it was finally 'Orange' on Steam Deck, but the game is too hyperactive, for the poorly implemented JoyPad controls. So instead  I installed Dread Templar after seeing it had gone 1.0, and initially dismissing it from it's terrible icon. And boy, it's great. Not cultic levels of good, but manages to find that sweet spot between challenge and pace. I'm really enjoying it so far.


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Yeah Turbo Overkill is definitely going to feel better with M+KB.


One of the most surprising things about Doom Eternal is how lenient it is on pad movement - the game is designed to be playable with moving around arenas in straight lines or large circles as you traverse to get out of the way of enemies, and has a lateral dodge a bit more like you have in third-person action games.


Most of these retro kinds of shooters however assume you have the ability to do quick flicks of viewport and 360 quick spins all around the maps by default.

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