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Confidence Man


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These guys are the business. Been listening to their albums, singles and remixes on repeat since I caught their Glastonbury set last month - which is possibly the best introduction to the group as it features most of the best songs from their two albums and an irresistible energy on stage. 


Latest single Holiday is a real ear worm and should really be a big chart hit.


The debut album is probably more consistent, but my favourite songs are on this year’s ‘Tilt’. 


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You forgot to mention the best thing about this band - the singer is called JANET PLANET and she's completely insane, dances like a maniac and is hot as hell:




There's definitely an off-kilter. demented aspect to this band that I love. They were the best thing at Glastonbury by a fucking mile. Standout amazing.


Sugar Bones (him) and Janet Planet told the press they are siblings but have been seen passionately kissing. Oo-er.


They have two anonymous members with closely guarded identities - rumoured to be very well known names.


Their instagram is funny as fuck.


They named their album Confident Music For Confident People after Bad Music For Bad People by the mighty Cramps:




The more you read and hear by them, the more you realise how subversive and surreal they are.




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18 hours ago, acidbearboy said:

Been listening to their albums, singles and remixes on repeat since I caught their Glastonbury set last month.


You're not alone! Thankful to all the people in the Glastonbury thread who recommended this set on iPlayer, ended up watching it at least 4 times and judging by Twitter comments this doesn't seem to be unusual. I noticed yesterday it had been uploaded to YouTube but no longer appears to be on there.

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On 16/07/2022 at 09:37, Uncle Nasty said:



On it’s own I’m not really fussed about this track as it’s a bit too pedestrian, but this remix takes the decent bits out of it and makes it amazing:



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