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Let's Go Justin - 18 years ago today


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I think a few people attribute the fighting game renaissance to Street Fighter IV's release - it certainly led to a lot of rebooted franchises afterwards - but I feel like this moment had already rekindled my interest to an extent. At the time I was still a fan of the genre but I wasn't nearly as dedicated to following it as most others - I still enjoyed a bit of Alpha 3 but I only knew about SFIII's following as an outsider who saw a bunch of posts from @TheShend and the like. But I found it remarkable that a game like this could generate so much hype years later, and so I got into it a bit more - picking up SFAC on the Xbox and fooling around on a burger pad.


Eventually SFIV came out and then you got the Marvels, MKs, KIs, KoFs etc... but I was already back in thanks to this moment. That said, I still can't parry anything unless it's a fireball from full-screen. :P 

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This is the thread I made for its tenth anniversary in 2014:




(Ignore my moaning in that post about playing SFIV on a 360 pad; that was shortly before they put SSFIVAE on Games With Gold and it finally clicked for me. Also please ignore my comment "apparently it wasn't even a particularly high-stakes match in the tournament" - when I wrote that, I did not appreciate the double elimination tournament format!)



Soon afterwards in 2014, they reunited for an entertaining rematch:





I must admit, I kind of admire the way that Justin has unashamedly embraced it as fuel to shill his Twitch/YouTube channels. This year alone, he must have done at least five or six videos with titles like "I GOT DAIGO PARRIED AGAIN! 😭" and "I GOT DAIGO PARRIED TWICE IN A ROW!" and "I GOT DAIGO PARRIED BY A DIFFERENT CHARACTER!" and "CAN I LEARN TO DO THE DAIGO PARRY?"


This is a man who knows what the people want to see.










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