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Your stories from gaming retail


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I remember being very happy with finding a PS2 copy of Ico in the Salisbury branch and a used copy of Rez in one of the many branches of Game that were once in Southampton.


I liked Gamestation in Southampton. Bought my 360 there, my PS3, 3DS. However I do remember one guy getting my game disc for me (Resident Evil 5 I think it was), as he was trying to put it into the box he dropped it, then trod on it, picked it up, wiped it across his jeans and then put it in the box.


I hated Game’s old price match trade in policy. I remember arguing with a manager/assistant manager as he stated the price match had to be the same day, but the Game website didn’t say this, it stated within 24 hours, so I’d do my CEX price match the night before and go in early the following day. Had to show them the t’s and c’s from their website.

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Ugh. Matching CEX's bonkers trade prices. It took a while for one to open near us, but once it did it was a nightmare. Typical example: We'd sell FIFA new for £45 (genuinely at a profit of about £1 thanks to EA's disdain for Indies). CEX would be selling it used for... £45, so would be offering something like £35+ trade. People would want us to match their trade in price, but our used copies at best - in the first week only - and at a cheeky stretch - might be £40. Extrapolate that situation to everything else and you have one of the many reasons Indies got completely fucked on the high street.

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7 hours ago, dumpster said:

Remembering now a regular customer who bought a PS2, obviously tried to take it to pieces , broke it, stuck it back together the best they could and returned it saying it was supplied to him in this condition. Couldn't believe someone we saw so often and had a good rapport with (I still remember his name) would try it on so badly.  I told him that, come on, let's have some honesty here, you broke it.  But there is a way to help out regular customer. Offered to trade it in as a second hand console against the purchase of a new one. I'd "forget" to test it, but his worthless, rattling ps2 case full of pieces would be worth a £50 trade in.  He accepted. Bought a new PS2, and left.  I took his second hand box of junk,labelled it as faulty new stock, deliberately not writing on the store number, sent it back in the next lot of returns, then took a new one and put it in the pre-owned stock to make it all balance. Effectively we had a brand new sealed PS2 traded in pre-owned at £50. The reason for all this was because that morning we'd had a phone call from the make a a wish foundation and they wanted to have a dedicated member of staff to treat a dying child like royalty and they were coming in to make his wish come true. Sadly all he'd wanted was a PS2 (he could have been a little more adventurous I reckon) so they were trying to make his visit to the shop special and make a big deal of it.  So when Make a Wish arrived with the kid in a Rolls Royce we sold them the £300 quid package with one game, courtesy of the charity, but put it through the till as the pre-owned console which was brand new. Then we gave him £250 in gift vouchers, courtesy of the store. We made zero margin on the console, but the kid and the charity were delighted and it hadn't cost us any extra. The charity had pre paid the £300 so were delighted by our generous gesture. He spent the gift vouchers on an Xbox OG with Halo, and they left in the Rolls Royce that later collided with a truck, killing everyone on board before they even got home.



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Last line is made up for comic effect but the rest is all true.



Thanks for this. I read the last line and promptly laughed myself breathless at my desk for several minutes, hyperventilating, shoulders shaking, rictus grin on my face, tears streaming down and a little snot leaking from my nose. My coworker thinks ive lost it

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I worked in cinema retail not game, but have a few moments worth mentioning... 


About 1 year after the N64 came out, I browsed the small 2nd hand section of EB and found a N64 game for £10 boxed as new! After reading this thread It may have been the clerk offering their own evaluation on the games value making it so low. It was Mischief Makers! Maybe as it was 2d in a 3d world they didn't think it was worth anything. A big win for me! 


Worst launch day experience was 3ds at a local game. Massive queue to the till with only a couple of people on tills. Everyone upselling - even had what seemed like managers in line upselling to customers rather than helping speed up the queue. I was queueing for about an a hour and ten minutes, so left the shop at 01:15 ish. 


The upsell was a joke too - they were really trying to push the asphalt racing game, it had terrible reviews and I was happy with ridge racer. The manager*  said stuff like "it's better than ridge racer" "as this has licenced cars the developers have to put more effort into making the game, so it's a better game" (using a lot more words and general upsell talk) "the graphics are really amazing (shows back of box)" 


*only members of staff in a suit

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