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The Best Live Phase?


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Never got to play RTCW but elmo wont shut up about it so we gonna buy that, (think he said he saw it cheap somewhere!?) and we'll be hitting that soon hopefully!

But RB6 is the almighty at the mo.... the group I play with (you know who you are!) are the best and make my bum itch!

So any one wanna play tonight?

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I think my favorite Live Phase is right now, I have just got RS3 (a little late to the party I know) but I am loving it.

previously I have never really got into Live and have only played randoms which never really appealed (no team work/talking and yanks) but with Rainbow six I have got into a few games with some forumites and it has been fantastic.

I played a few excellent games last night on the Carnival stage with 4 on 4 (most of the time) and it was really close. I was with Bravestarr, Sladie and Listy and the great thing was we were working together in a team, warning each other and working together to cover an idea.

It was kinda one of those momments when the joy of playing over live kinda "clicked"

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probably the very first couple of weeks playing Moto GP and little else, made all the friends I still play with when I get on, played for about 10 hours at a time, hardly any cheaters or kids on aswell.

Also the day that Moto GP2 and Wolfenstein came out, pretty much everyone came back on Live, if just for a couple of days :o

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