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Penny Blood / Armed Fantasia, successors to classic JRPGs Shadow Hearts and Wild Arms. Kickstarter now live!

Kayin Amoh

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I'm not usually someone who's into kickstarter, but I may well make an exception in this case. These are spiritual successors to Wild Arms, which I was very fond of back in the day, and Shadow Hearts, which is one of the best games ever made.


RPG site has a lot of artwork and screens of the projects in their current state, so that's worth a look: https://www.rpgsite.net/news/13187-wild-arms-and-shadow-hearts-creators-announce-double-kickstarter-for-spiritual-successors-armed-fantasia-penny-blood


It's not live quite yet (I think it's scheduled for the 30th) so if this sounds like your bag you might want to consider backing it. The usual kickstarter concerns apply (these sound like ambitious titles, so $750k looks like a conservative estimate for getting them both completed) but... well, I'm interested.






Edit: Gematsu has a bunch on it too: https://www.gematsu.com/2022/08/wild-arms-and-shadow-hearts-creators-to-launch-double-kickstarter-campaign-for-spiritual-successors-armed-fantasia-and-penny-blood


Be sure to hit the drop down menu to read about each game, I missed that first time skimming and there's a lot of content there.


Edit: A per @Mr. Gerbik ‘s reply below, the initial goal is also to get publishers to commit money into the projects. At its most basic goal there’ll be copies made for PC but not console - higher stretch goals mean more platforms.

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Shadow Hearts and Wild Arms




4 hours ago, Kayin Amoh said:

these sound like ambitious titles, so $750k looks like a conservative estimate for getting them both completed

In most cases like this, the Kickstarter isn't to fund the game but to prove to a publisher that there's interest. 




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Just a quick bump as the kickstarter's now gone live.


Edit: Almost £100k already. Hooray!


No way I'd be able to afford some of the superfan extras though. A Wanted poster of your face in Penny Blood is something like 2000 quid, so that's obviously for any CEOs looking forward to the game.

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Since there's not a ton of discourse yet I hope you won't mind me double posting for any updates I find interesting.


And the fact that this is SHADOW HEARTS AS HELL is definitely something I find interesting. Look at this beautiful promo! Look at it!



The kickstarter is also kicking ass. It's about 62% funded in 6 hours, although after day one pledges usually drop significantly until the final few days. Even so, very promising initial funding burst.


There's probably some stuff about Battle Fantasia been revealed, but as much as I loved Wild Arms, Shadow Hearts is an absolutely beloved part of my gaming history so it's likely to get the lion's share of news through me.


I don't know if there's an in universe tie in, but the battle music is also called 'Vicious 1923'. As everyone knows, one of the main battle tracks from the Shadow Hearts series was called 'Vicious 1915'. 


Kickstarter announcement video is pretty fun too.



Edit: Funded!

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As for the game itself, hell of a story and exceptional characters. Not sure how it holds up today for someone going in fresh, but 20-odd years ago it kicked the arse out of the competition for me and is still sitting proudly on my 'best games ever' list.


Covenant's great too, but it toned down the sinister overtones and upped the comedy to appeal to a wider audience. Did a great job of it, but made it feel a bit less unique as a result.


Not like the first game didn't have comedy in it, though - there's a scene after meeting characters where you get to name them


but one character in particular tells you to piss off and that he's keeping his original name, thanks


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