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My little test is getting to the star road in Super Mario World. 

The level in world 2 where you have to do the constant cape-fly to get the key. 


That requires a bit of skill and timing. If things are too laggy I usually fail to do it. 

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I speed run 1-2/Yoshi's Island 2. Not intentionally, it's just that multiple decades of testing emulation have led to that.



Ha! That's my exact run! (20 seconds in) Kicking those Koopa shells needs to be on time.


SMW I believe is already coded with 3 frames of input delay. So any additional on top of that becomes immediately noticeable.

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1 hour ago, dataDave said:

I’m not so sure the decent upscalers are worth it if you only have the one console (and an LCD you’re not happy with).


Definitely try to find an old RGB SCART capable set if you have the space. 👍

I’m pretty sure if I came home with a CRT tv, my girlfriend would actually kick my head in

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Homebrew in Issue 237:

Binary Books - programming guides to help you program your own games

Champion Coder - Jeffrey Janssen on hid CD-I game Nobelia

Processing - Max Oakland previews his Game Boy titles Ruby & Rusty, and Wink & The Broken Robots

Databurst reviews - Duckstroma (Amiga), Red Planet (Amstrad CPC), Brainbreak (C64)

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On 31/08/2022 at 20:01, Ninja Doctor said:

My favourite bit is when Ninja Scooter Simulator gets name checked. Best game on the speccy that. Put hours into it. 

It was great.

And although it had a ninja on the artwork it took its name from a style of scooter that had ninja in the name (they were like a BMX scooter) rather than a connection to actual ninjas. So that was a bit weird.

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