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New Nintendo Direct. September 13th,2022


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Companies are just scared shitless of being cancelled because of this state of ‘mourning’ were all meant to be in. Gah.


Anyway, Metroid Prime Trilogy HD is my absolute number one want/need of what’s been rumoured so far, but a Wind Waker/Twilight Princess release would be more than welcome.


All of these are trumped by a remake of Paper Mario 2, of course.

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So the Nintendo Direct that hadn’t  been announced, that was due to be cancelled because of the Queen's death, but was confirmed to be not cancelled, but still hadn’t been announced, has now been announced but has now been postponed by one whole hour, because of the Queen’s death.


Please understand.

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8 hours ago, Quest said:

Just give me some smaller games with new IP and maybe a new Wario Land.



Yeah, some new IP would be awesome. I remember when they announced Splatoon and ARMS , I was over the moon with Nintendo finally creating some new IP again.

A new Wario Land is something I think might happen at one point, based on the fact that a few years ago they've released a bunch of joy-con colours apparently tied to games. The green-pink combo represented Splatoon 2 , the yellow-blue combination representing Splatoon 3, which only leaves the Wario themed ones, which would then still have to have a game announced. Pure conjecture, but somehow makes sense I think.


What we'll get according to most rumours though, is a lot of Zelda related announcements (probably including the definitive name for BotW pt.2), maybe some info on the rumoured Metroid Prime remaster, and a release date for the Advance Wars re-boot.

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25 minutes ago, Stanley said:

Not a single person has mentioned Metroid Prime 4, like we've given up all hope :(


The rumour is MP1 remaster first then MP4, so if we see MP1 today and its coming this winter then it's highly likely we'll get a trailer for MP4 with a tentative date.


If MP1 is a no show then we can panic.

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2 minutes ago, Stanley said:

I am more excited than I should be for a man my age. I am picking my daughter up after school then we’ll watch this together, followed by a bit of Splatoon 3. 


Haha a few of us are hype in the office. We are gonna put it on the projector. Cannot wait to have kids to do the same as you Stanley! Sounds like it will be awesome! 

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